Sockvember 2016 and beyond…

It’s 12:01 am

Morning…..I will explain why I am writing from a new blog page in a couple of days. Needless to say,its been a most frustrating week as Comcast and its oversea operators have really screwed the pooch with my internet. I have lost a lot of information that has been very hard to get back and in some cases,I don’t think I will.
I was careless in the fact I had scattered my passwords around instead of having them in one set place,that is a mistake I have fixed. Of course I really have to go back and re-add all my old content here. As I said,frustrating as hell….

But in this entry,I want to talk about Sockvember. Once again,we had a great turnout….my friend Cheryl came over and we loaded up 336 pairs of socks to be delivered to Our Lady of Victory in Northville. This is the church where Lori and I were married and other then two other times we attended after being married,I haven’t been here since.
The morning cold and brisk as we headed to Northville,traffic was light and it only took us about 20 minutes to get there.
As we walked into the chapel,I could feel my heart starting to beat faster as I was remembering our wedding day. I stood right we did on 19 June 2004,I could see and hear everything all over again.  A flood of emotion overcame me and I had to sit down for a few moments to get my composure back.
We could hear voices coming from the back so we walked over to see volunteers setting up a display in the hallway. A staff member helped load our large box of socks into the gifting area and that marked the end of Sockvember for this year.

At this point I like to thank everyone I know that donated this year.

George and The Lost World Team
Susan aka Black Canary
Lamar aka Mr. Alabama
My pop
Deb and Shirley

I know that there more folks who donated but no one left a message or a note saying who they were and so I don’t really know as well,only that there are seriously generous spirits out here!

In looking back at this year’s drive…..I see my idea of trying to lessen the costs of shipping by having folks send gift cards went over like a lead balloon. I can understand that…and there is a better sense of giving when you are mailing out a package,so the I’m scrapping that idea.
What I am going to do is this: I’m going to accept donations all year long. I’m not going to push this,only to let you know that if you couldn’t donate or were too late for this year’s drive,you can always send in your socks all year around now.

Not the most exciting “first” entry but am just happy to be back up and running….

Shout outs:

To anyone who reads this
To anyone who leaves a comment
Cheryl M – for taking me to drop off the socks
Romey- for the kick ass early Christmas present!! Hope you enjoyed yours.
Black Canary – thanks for your ear and heart.

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