It’s 9:20 pm


Thought I would share this video I took of Paladin. I don’t have WiFi anymore which is why I haven’t posted anything new in quite a while.
While Paladin doesn’t make biscuits like this very much anymore,he does and has slept on my hip for hours on end or on my chest while I’m watching movies.

5 thoughts on “Paladin

  1. Is this cat sleeping? I can’t imagine. Although I am not to keen on cats I do find them physically striking and some can be quite fun to watch. My friend has a dear cat named Maggie. When I come over Maggie and I have an understanding, she will eventually come into the room to have a chat with me and then politely exits. It’s quite

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    1. The cheetah was kneading,its a instinct action felines have when they are first born. As kittens they knead their mom’s tummy so it helps produce milk as they feed. They often keep the trait as they grow into adulthood. As you can see,cheetahs and domestic cats both have the same traits. And yes,cheetahs do purr just like regular cats.


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