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Drama at the Family Video…

It’s 9:06 pm

Last Tuesday I had a scheduled day off from my job and my buddy Romey invited me to hang out with him. The day was really nice,a bit cold as we started out doing some errands and doing some last week Christmas shopping.
We headed over to Romey’s place as he needed my help with a TV he was giving a old friend. But as he tried to reach this friend,he wasn’t getting a answer so he decided to skip it and wait til he made contact.

As we headed back to my side of town,we decided to drop the local Family Video right down the road from Romey’s place. We had been there once  during a 10 for 10 sale and had some great films.  This location is very busy and is larger then the other two stores we sometimes shop at. Better selection as well….so we pulled into the store and went in. A young woman who was working there met us at the door and said there was a fight going on in the store. We looked but didn’t see a fight….we thought a customer was pissed and was disputing some late fee charges. We shrugged our shoulders and started in…
Another young woman explained to Romey and I what was going on. Seems a friend had visited the young woman and her boyfriend. Sometime during that visit some cash had gone missing and the couple suspected their “pal” of stealing it. The pal had left the house in a hurry and when the couple saw the cash was gone,decided they wanted to talk to their friend.

But since the friend was gone,the couple had to look for him and found him slinking into the Family Video.
While these two gentlemen were upset,they also seemed rather calm,no shouting or heavy profanity but still edgy enough to make one feel uncomfortable.
Romey and I decided to call it a night and we bailed out of there along with another man.
The guy said the “friend” tapped on his window and offered him 30 bucks to drive him to Detroit,the man said “hell no,I want no part of this”.
Flash forward to Christmas Day,Romey and I were back at the same store doing a little movie hunting. The same young lady who was working waited on us and we asked her what happened after we left.

Seems the cops(who were called by the store) rolled up and did some Joe Friday work. The man who supposedly had stolen the cash was briefly held and then released because there was no evidence that he took the cash.
The victim of this loyal pal…..well it turn out he had a whole slew of wants and warrants for his ass and was promptly arrested!
Isn’t that something? I felt bad for the couple in some respects,not for the loss of the money per say because face it,he himself owed the courts money for breaking the law.
What I feel bad is the fact their friend violated the trust that was extended to him and he didn’t care about them enough to not steal from them.

Ever had a friend or a family member openly steal from you and if so,how did you handle it? Leave a comment below….

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Shout Outs

Derek Carr – Not the way I wanted your season to end. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Black Canary – You are a very good friend,never doubt that.
Donald and Melinda – Congratulations on your engagement!! Miracles sometimes do happen.
Barb – My heart goes out to you and your family.
2016 – I think you have worn out your welcome,sir.
George Michael – Gone WAY too soon. You are already missed.







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