8 Questions with………Chris Miles

It’s 1:35 am


Welcome to my first “8 Questions with…..” of 2017. As I write this intro,I am looking outside as the season’s second snowstorm has dropped perhaps a inch or two of new snow. Just a small reminder that while enjoying a mild winter,Michigan is still Michigan and the weather can change very quickly!
As I pointed out in my  entry before this one,I had wanted to get this series back on target.
Last year I was fortunate enough to have joined a group on Facebook that supported the UK acting community. It was through this group that I found Darren James King,Sarah Sharman,Peter Kearns and Sharon Spinks.
So I went back to the group and once again asked if anyone would be willing to be interviewed here. While I thought I would get 8-10 responses,I was completely blown away when over FORTY folks said they would like to answer 8 Questions….
Which led me to meet Chris Miles. As many of the British artists commented that they would like to chat and sent me messages for more details,I got one from Chris. Normally when talking to a actor/writer/director,I always ask for some basic info…a sizzle reel or a IMDb page so I can some good questions to ask.
So when I asked Chris and he said hadn’t done any acting since high school and was an hard working Joe from Canada,you damn well know he was going to get some questions!!
Now you’ll get to meet Chris as well as he answers 8 Questions!




  1. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself

 My name is Christopher Robert David Miles and I’m a soulful Scorpio. I love music, nature, animals and people. It bothers me when there is something I have not yet mastered. I’m 31 years of age, I can’t change the way the wind blows but I can adjust my sails and still reach my destination.

2. What was it like growing up in the Miles household?

 Growing up in the Miles household was a blessing. I’m the middle brother of three and we learned how to live our lives and forever still be able to still teach each other something new and exciting.

3. How did you become involved in theater at school? I know you mentioned that you left it after high school,do you wish to return to it?

 I believe that originally I got involved with theater because I thought it was an easy credit. High school for me was a stage in my life where socializing was much more important than academic study. It got me in trouble. However acting, drama class, as well as performing with the band had it’s own challenging work ethic required thus teaching me a great deal about life and who I am.



4. As a Canadian,what do you think about is happening in the U.S. right? Are you and your friends concerned?

 As a Canadian I think that what is happening is a change for the people. I have an unbiased opinion. As a human being of the world I would like to see us unite in new and improved ways.

5. What led you to becoming a tradesman? What are your three favorite things about your job? What three things would you like to see improved?

 As a man I feel that learning how to work, build, and create with your hands at an early stage in life will give you the confidence needed to tackle anything your imagination puts forth. Three favorite things about my job would be the beginning of a new project. Example of planning and preparation. The middle of the job where sudden detail changes happen and creativity strikes and the finishing stages of a project or finished product. The feeling of an owner, new resident, or general public being overwhelmed from the project created. Three things I would like to see improved. Safety, schooling, and training especially for people just getting into the trades.

6. What advice would you give a homeowner in selecting a good general contractor?

 Advise that I would give a homeowner selecting a good general contractor would be to follow your instincts. And not what other people say or even what the TV says.


7. What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

For fun and relaxation I like to take long walks throughout the different towns in the city and metro Vancouver. As a valued member of the community my simple presence is required at times also I like to follow my instincts and have learned to trust them.


8. What makes Surrey,British Columbia such a great place to live? If you were a tour guide,what would you show us in regards to your city??

 Being born and raised in Surrey BC I can say that this place is my peaceful heaven. I would get home sick if I was gone too long. Opinions will vary just like everything in life so choose your opinions wisely so that life can show you lively wisdom. As a tour guide I feel that there is something different that everyone wants to see. So first find out what they want to see and then they will find that here.


I like to thank Chris for taking the time to do this interview.  Surrey looks like a lovely place to live and work at! I have to say you are one lucky guy living in such a beautiful town!

If you would like to leave a comment below,that would be pretty nifty and feel free to share this 8 Questions with your friends!

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