Have Cheetah,Will View #30 – “The Night Crew”(2015)

It’s 1:01 pm


While everyone was watching the Super Bowl last night,the cheetah and I decided we would be checking out a new film I picked up at Family Video called “The Night Crew”.
While the cover was pretty generic,once again it was the cast that that caught my eye and after reading the plot of four desperate bounty hunters trying to survive against a huge cartel to get their package home,I invested the 1.50.
We were glad I did as “The Night Crew” is a hell of ride. Directed by Christian Sesma who also co-wrote it with Paul Sloan.

The story opens with the capture of Mae (Chasty Ballesteros) by a small group of four bounty hunters led by the leader Wade (Luke Goss). His right hand man is Crenshaw (Bokeem Woodbine) along with Crenshaw’s girlfriend Rose (Luciana Faulhaber). Rounding out the group is Ronnie (played by Sloan) who can handle some serious firepower with ease.
The crew finds out that drug kingpin Aguilar (the always reliable Danny Trejo) wants Mae very badly and wants her alive. So much so he sends out a small company of sicarios to get her. The hunters become the hunted as they hole up at a abandoned hotel and try to get outside help. Little do they know that their salvation may be the very person they are attempting to bring back….


I love ambitious movies like this. Many times film makers have next to no budgets but overcome that by having a superior story. The Night Crew is a film like this. Sesma has taken his film and made it very compact,depending more on character development then inane and pointless gunplay. While there is a LOT of shooting,the action advances the story….watching Mae fight for her humanity as she watches these people willing to die for her is interesting to see. Sloan and Sesma’s script allows you to see the friendship and teamwork of hunters and you as a viewer come to care about them. I can’t really go more into detail as to not spoil the plot but rest assured,its a doozy of a tale.
While there are bumps,why is Jason Mewes even in this movie,he only slows it down.
But overall that is a small quibble compared to the great cast,smart script (with room for more adventures!!) and professional direction.

The cheetah and I both give “The Night Crew” a paws/thumbs up.


Thanks for reading and as always,feedback is welcome.


20 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #30 – “The Night Crew”(2015)

  1. I never heard of this movie. It’s not that old either I think I’ll be looking for it. Your blog always clues me in on stuff I haven’t seen. Great review

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