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8 Questions with………UK actor Alexander Clark

It’s 1:35 pm

The day started out bright and sunny but as its now getting a little hazy. It’s still rather cool outside but still warmer then it usually is.
I like to thank all the new people (and old) for following my blog here. I am still smarting over the fact I lost the other one but I am very happy with the wonderful response I have gotten from this one.
As I stated with the first 8 Questions with………Chris Miles,I put a post in a UK Film group
on Facebook asking if anyone would like to do a interview here. While I got over 50 responses,once I started asking for background info,I heard very little back from a lot of them.
But the ones I did,wow,there is some serious talent just waiting to be discovered. The hunger and the drive of these artists are something quite special.
Take Alexander Clark for example. Alexander is quite new in terms of putting together a body of work but his creativeness in doing this interview standout. As any regular reader of “8 Questions With…..” knows,the format is I send the questions and the person writes their own answers in their own words,I don’t edit anything other grammar and I rarely ever have to do that.
But for this interview,we’re doing something different,Alexander decided to answer via a video on his YouTube channel….thus promoting himself and his brand new channel.
Like I said,very creative.
Before you meet Alexander,if you haven’t as of yet….please take a look at a short film he did and that I very recently reviewed Have Cheetah,Will Review #29 – “The Art of Jack”.

Now that you have done so…..you are ready to meet Alexander and hear him answer 8 Questions!

Thank you for reading and watching!! I have several new interviews upcoming and if you want to be the next one to answer 8 Questions,drop a comment below!!


If you want to connect with Alexander on Twitter please hit the link here.

16 thoughts on “8 Questions with………UK actor Alexander Clark

  1. When asked about the hardest part of being an actor he answered so quickly. He immediately said, “Rejection”…unlike other questions that he seemed to have to think on a bit more. My husband and I just saw La-La Land the other night, and talked on the way home about how really difficult it must be for actors to handle that rejection day after day. God bless ’em.

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    • Hello Susan 🙂 yes it didn’t take much thought haha rejection for me has been the hardest part of my Journey but it’s different for many actors take la la land for example Emma stone suffered greatly with rejection her self I believe she sent off 8 self tapes for a single part and after all that was rejected but it’s just part and parcel of what we do it’s hard but I wouldn’t change it 🙂


  2. I love that he did a video, how like an actor lol. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to find an interview that way. Really interesting and awesome to get to know the person.

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    • Hello woman pulse thank you glad you enjoyed it 🙂 yeah I was debating whether to do written or a video but for me personally just felt better aha 🙂

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  3. Wow, I loved how there was a video. As much as I love a good written interview, a visual one is 10x better. Thanks for sharing this!

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    • sometimes that is true but I also think a written interview allows for deeper reflection for the person being interviewed. The subject has to feel totally in control in order to relax and express themselves more freely.


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