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Have Cheetah,Will View #8 – “Lucy Falls”

It’s 4:12 pm
I posted this review on 26 Sept 15. It’s one of the best films we have reviewed. When I first ran this,I was able to share the whole film here but since then it has been taken down.
I was able to find the trailer and ran that instead. I am hoping to share the film again if it goes back online.


The cheetah and I caught this powerful and thought provoking short film directed by Danielle Burgio.

The opening scene shows a rural home in the midwest,a wife is hard at work baking some muffins while a country song plays on a radio.
Her husband comes from behind and startles her,causing her to drop a egg. He cleans up the spill,she wants him to stay for breakfast but he has
to go to work. She asks for money to go the store in order to cook him a great dinner. The husband knows Lucy is trying to butter him….when she says she needs to see her mom and he says “no”. When she insists that Joe is being unreasonable,he gets angry and grabs her hard. Everything goes quiet,including the radio and you know this isn’t a happy marriage but an abusive one.
How Lucy copes with being a virtual prisoner in her own home and will she escape is looked at but what cost has Lucy already paid is also looked at. On the surface,it looks clean and simple but after watching “Lucy Falls” 3-4 times,its clearly evident that domestic violence is not a issue wrapped up in a neat little gift box.

Danielle,who also wrote and produced this film,also stars as Lucy. Her small cast is all excellent,Christopher Allen Nelson plays Joe,the husband while Jon Jacobs plays a wise shopkeeper and Anton Starkman plays Billy,Lucy’s unlikely best ally.
The production values are excellent as well,short films are shot on small budgets but “Lucy Falls” feels a bit bigger then most. Rand Gamble,who is very multi-talented,handled the cinematography, captures the mood with his crisp camera work while editor Jamieson Tabb (who also helped with the sound) also did a fine job seamlessly making the story flow smoothly.
An added bonus is original music by a fine Americana/rockabilly singer named Eilen Jewell.

The cheetah and I both gave this a big thumb and paw straight up.

Below is the film’s trailer.


Below is Ellen Jewell in action.

You can follow Danielle on Twitter by clicking here.


13 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #8 – “Lucy Falls”

  1. I have been blessed to never have experienced domestic violence but the trailer is terrifying.I cannot imagine what it must be like to find yourself in that situation.

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  2. This sounds like a very powerful emotional movie. Viewing the trailer brings back some bad memories. Together with friends we once tried to get another friend out of an abusive relationship, they had a little toddler son, two cats and a dog. In the end we failed and lost contact. We even had help from a cop. I very often wonder what happened to her or her little son. And if the pets are still alive. The psychological part of all parties involved seems so hard to grasp and for a person standing on the outside witnessing it seems all so crystal clear what the right thing to do would be if they where in this situation. What I can tell from the trailer, the movie captured those emotions pretty well.

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  3. I have lived through two violent abusive relationships. Many don’t understand just what those relationships are like and movies like this are a great way to give a person a window into what really goes on and the layers of emotions, issues, and overall crap one has to deal with. I have never heard of this movie but will be checking it out!

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  4. This looks like an interesting film. While I cannot pass on a mainstream superhero movie, I truly enjoy watching movies that are far from mainstream. The movies that address topics no mainstream movie will touch, are the ones I am interested in. This one looks like a good one.

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  5. Definitely something that might get me in tears when watching this. But I do love movies that I have a connection with emotionally. Thank you for sharing your honest review.

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  6. Domestic violence is such a big issue. Once you know someone whose close to you who has died because of domestic violence is even harder. I dont wish that on anyone. Tough topic

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