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8 Questions with…………..UK singer/actress Mercedy Purcell


It’s 9:34 am
It’s a grey and overcast day here in SE Michigan. I have my Spotify movie score playing and a cup of iced coffee ready for drinking. The cheetah is sleeping,we are expected to get hit with big storms again tonight bringing hail and high winds. In other words,what better time then to interview my next artist?
       I met Mercedy Purcell when I posted in the UK Film group that I am in. While I got a lot of responses,Mercedy actually sent a friend request as well.  In looking at Mercedy’s work ,I noticed one thing about her,she is fearless as a performer. She can sing,act,model and she isn’t afraid of getting made up as a ghoul or a zombie. She loves horror movies (instant plus right there) and enjoys the process of SFX as well.
     Mercedy just wrapped up a new indie film called “Lead Me to the Dark” which will be released later on this year. She has done short films,music videos and is ramping up to doing a demo of her music. Life and career are looking very bright for Mercedy. I feel rather fortunate to have caught her at the right time to ask her 8 Questions….
 Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about Mercedy. Where do you live and what is your town like?

My real name is Claire,stage name Mercedy and I’m 25 years old,based in Manchester, but in Nottingham each month for parts of my career. I’m a actress,singer and model. I do other areas such as dance,art,youth work,film writing,directing,photography and bit of body painting/makeup. I love everything I do in my career and hope to one day to inspire people through a charity called ‘The British Heart Foundation’. I’m bubbly,professional,hard working, ambitious,active,creative and likes to help anyone. Known as a Pocket Rocket (lol).


 What was it like growing up in your home, are your parents artists as well? 

I’m not huge fan of Manchester, but it was good growing up here. My dad wasn’t really a singer or actor, but he was a dancer when he was younger and had talents for art when he got older, which was where I got the art skills from.

How did you decide to become a artist, was there a singular moment where you knew you wanted to be a performer?  If so, can you share the story behind your choice? 

      Since I was a young age I’ve always wanted to be a singer and did a few singing performances. As I grew and started pub singing, I always thought I wasn’t good enough, due to certain remarks from people,which shattered parts of my confidence. When I went to college to study Musical Theatre, they also damaged parts of my vocals as my vocal was too soul, so I thought all the more I was no longer good enough to be a singer, so my singing side of things took a back seat and got put on hold for awhile. As time went on, I decided to audition for a good manager and get professional advice if it was worth taking further or not. Surprisingly I got through and have a record label type of voice and there’s a unique tone to my voice (how the manager put it), which boosted my confidence back up enough to take it further with my singing. I also felt happy to discover that my voice wasn’t permanently damaged and that it was fixable, so at this point was my desire to become a recording artist and soul/RnB/ pop type of vocalist. With acting, the moment I decided to be an actress was after my ‘Art and Design’course. It was when I moved onto musical theatre,I found my love for acting strengthened. I’ve always wanted to do acting, but once I completed my studies in musical theatre,it was at that point that I wanted to take on acting more seriously, but stuck at whether to do stage or film. However, I went straight into agency once I finished studying and after I did my first short film through the agency, I knew film was more up my street. I do enjoy doing live theater but films and TV are my first loves.

        The moment with my becoming a model was after I studied, while I was taking my acting more seriously, I did a one off shoot and really enjoyed it. I never really saw myself as a model, but my dad had commented all the time about different people had mentioned to him that I should be a model. After my first shoot, I struggled to find more work. Then 6 months later, I was offered to attend a group shoot and my modelling went from there. The other reason I decided to do modelling was to help my confidence in acting, as I didn’t have any self confidence, But I can honestly say becoming a model really strengthened my confidence about myself. The more shoots I did, the more love I gained in modelling and started to take it seriously.


What motivates you as an artist? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a performer?

I’m very motivated in all three areas and also motivated in anything else I do. One thing that motivates me is I just love what I do, I love performing and these three areas have always been my dream type of job. I love inspiring people which motivates me and brings me joy in entertaining people.
     My weakness as a performer, I get very nervous when entering the stage or a big film scene, which I need to improve on calming my nerves more and speaking more clearly. More so, if I’m talking on stage without my nerves taking over. With modelling its having more confidence with myself more in modelling areas and not beating myself up that I can’t do it, when I possibly can and that’s same for acting and singing also, need to believe in myself more basically.

      My strengths as a performer, I’ve always been professional and creative with anything I do and work really hard to do my best in everything I get or do. I’m bubbly and talk to anyone which helps as a performer, certain things I’m confident in as I always throw myself in the deep end and go for it, that’s one of my main strengths and no matter how much I want to give up at times, when it gets hard to deal with, I just gain strength to keep going, because I think to myself there is a reason why I started. I have a strong personality and always willing to help anyone.


Which do you enjoy more? Performing live in front of a audience or in front of a camera? What has been your most cherished memory from both?

Wow, haha, That’s a tough question, it’s really hard to choose but I got to say I do love performing on stage, it’s a right buzz, because you get reactions and its great and I find stage more harder and rewarding. However, I really do love film as well because you can really get stuck in and not have to panic about a mess up, so I feel more relaxed in front of camera in regards of concentrating on a role better than having to worry about messing up. I love filming for the fact I can focus more but love stage because you feel a buzz at the end with the reactions and feel good at the end, which is more rewarding for that fact you haven’t messed up with it live. to be honest I love them both the same for different reasons, ahhh hard one to choose.


Do you feel coming to America would help your career or are you more comfortable in the UK?

     For singing, America is beneficial as if you can make it in America big there are a lot ways you can go career wise, but singing is also good in the U.K also so both really, depends where I end up. Same with acting really or modelling, they can both help one do well in America or U.K. I do like what I do in the U.K  but if something came up good, I would travel to America if the role was worth it.

Where did you get your training at?

I studied in Art and Design (Photography), Musical Theatre & a Youth Work Course as well. I trained at DNA Recourses Drama School,Filmonik ,Agency Acting to Camera Class, Vocal Mentored and Vocal Session & LAMDA  Class.


What would your dream role be and what would you bring to it to make it your own?

My dream for singing would be touring at big places with a huge album and performing soulful music in front of a hot audience!! I’m very excited to start recording later on this year and see where it goes. 

  My dream role for acting would be that was I being cast in good parts in big movies and TV programmes and trying all different types of character roles so I am more a versatile actress. To play someone else different in every film and show my range would be such a fun challenge. No artist wants to get stuck just playing or being known for a certain type.       For modelling it would be to do commercials,international,Pageant judging, magazines, catalogs,or appearing at beautiful places or other exotic locales that high profile modelling takes you.

What are three things about you that would surprise your fans?
  • Small/Petite with a big voice

  • Personality and bubbly (Funny, mad moments I have) lol

  •  Versatile


Below are a few links to follow Mercedy at:
Her IMDb page can be found by clicking on the link.

Her acting website can be found by clicking right here.

Follow Mercedy on Twitter by clicking here

The trailer for “Lead Me To The Dark”

Thank you so much Mercy!!!! Hope your foot feel mo’ bettah!!

Please leave comments and feedback in the comments below. If you wish to be interviewed,drop a comment below!!


18 thoughts on “8 Questions with…………..UK singer/actress Mercedy Purcell

  1. She is so beautiful! To be honest I love singing artists from the Uk! They have more musical roots in soul and Rand B. I can see success wise it is probably better here but they change the integrity of artists so much in the US

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  2. I love that she is willing to try so many different things. She has such a striking look – I’m sure she’ll do some really interesting things in her career!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I need to see when she is next in Nottingham as I live here! I would love to see her perform live after reading your interview as she sounds like she has an amazing voice and is incredibly talented! I think it’s nice to see she gets nervous before a show as that makes her so much more relatable and honest as a performer

    Liked by 1 person

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