Saturday Randomness

Originally posted on 10 March 12.

Its 10:55 am

Its a beautiful day this morning. Its time to get in a walk,pay some bills,listen to some music and finish reading the Tom Delay book. I also have done something I haven’t done in a very long time…I bought some new(ish) music,our local Dollar Tree got in some CDs and I ended up getting 3 of them instead of books. I’m actually sort of proud of myself for not buying anymore books on this visit..

Its 8:11 pm

Back at the keyboard…..Chely Wright is singing sweetly on the iPod. I love her voice,it has such a soulful feel to it but with a country twang. Chely was a staple on country radio because of her voice and a popular video artist because she is a real beauty. Always thought she should have been a much bigger star,great vocals,looks and a writer? That is a rare combo in country music that you see these days. Ironically I found her album Metropolitan Hotel in the same Dollar Tree store about 3 years ago. Funny how that goes.
The day wasn’t exactly what I call a barn burner,paying bills,sorting and filing coupons,cleaned up the cat boxes,laundry and general house work.
Was talking to a fellow writer who is a novelist today,she was having problems coming up with a workable plot for a chapter of a book she is writing. I told her I can relate,have always struggled to write smoothly and easily,some days the words flow and I can write a lot of good stuff and then I have days like today where I’m fighting to put words down. It helps I have music playing,it help relaxes me but I think the fact Lori is gone to see her parents and getting some sad news last night has stalled me out a bit.
Last night I read that Amy Rauch Neilson,whose blog “Its In the Genes” is listed on my Blog I Follow list,is really struggling now with her cancer. She has fought breast cancer for years,it went into remission and then came back. I discovered her because of a local news story that journalist Amy Lange did on her brave fight.
Because of Amy’s blog,I was able to learn what to expect in some respects what Lori and I were facing.
For a long time it seemed like Amy was making great progress until she somehow broke her leg shopping at a Kohl’s store during Christmas. Since then it has been 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
So when her husband posted last night that her cancer has spread to her back and brain,my heart sank. Now she is facing 6 weeks of radiation to try and stave off this latest attack.
I wrote my journalist friend Amy Lange about how you are filled with both nerves and dread when comes to seeing your oncologist. You can’t wait to see him/her to see what needs to be done yet when you do a test or a lab,you are filled with dread at what you may hear. And of course sitting here alone with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company,I can’t help but think what will be our next step….will it remission or will it be another round of chemotherapy/surgery/radiation? I pray every day for the strength to keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart….and admiring the hell out of Dan,Amy husband and caretaker. I know I’m Lori’s rock and I will never bend or break. I ask all of you who are reading this to please keep the Neilson family in your prayers,they really need us all now.

Picking up on a thread from my last entry…..seems that a man walked into a BP station in Detroit. He got into a beef about the price of some jimmy hats with the clerk. The man and his friends started causing a bit of a ruckus,tossing displays around and knocking items on the floor. The man said the clerk overcharged him and wanted his money back…the scuffle ended when the clerk grabbed a gun and put a bullet into the man’s shoulder. The man’s friends rushed his to a local hospital but he bled out before they got there. The clerk was arrested…….all for a box of condoms. And City Councilman Kenyatta wants armed guards at these stations?
Only in Murder City….

The USS Enterprise (the Big E) is preparing to sail into the sunset. Its the largest active aircraft carrier in the US Navy and has been an important part of the Navy for 50 years. It was only due to serve 25 years but it was overhauled in 1979. Built in 1958,she was launched in 1960 and in 1962,she sailed on her maiden voyage. The USS Enterprise saw action during the Cuban Missile Crisis,the closest the world has come to nuclear war.
The Big E also served in the Vietnam War but not without cost. A missile aboard a F-4 Phantom blew up on 14 Jan 69 which killed 27 crewmen,wounded over 300 more and destroyed 15 planes. This forced the carrier into Pearl Harbor for repairs.
Whenever there was a cause for a show a force,the USS Enterprise was often the first carrier task force,be it  Vietnam,Korea,India and now Iran. This final deployment will be for 7 months and then she will be decommissioned,defueled and scrapped by 2015. But she served this country with pride and honor.

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