Lost in Downtown Orlando (A Short Story)

It’s 5:41 pm

Reading my good friend Stone’s short story brought back some memories of my old club days. Where as we club employees would always keep a eye out for our patrons,sometimes the devil you look for is hiding in plain sight and standing in your midst. While this is a fictional story,its also a reminder to keep your wits around you when you hit the dance floor.

Patrick Scott Barnes

Downtown Orlando Skyline Buildings

On a Saturday night, Alyssa’s older brother Paul was driving down Orlando’s Interstate 4. Paul owned medium-brown skin and wore short dreadlocks.

Next to him sat his girlfriend Cheryl. Cheryl owned light-brown skin and wore blonde extensions that touched her shoulders.

Alyssa was sitting in the back as she scrolled Facebook on her cellphone. Alyssa was the same medium brown complexion as Paul. Also, she wore braid extensions.

“It’s three bars,” Paul said. “There’s Baton Rouge, Vintage and Rooftop Lounge. Baton Rouge is where we’re going.”

Then Cheryl asked, “Why do they call it Baton Rouge?”

“I think one of the owners is from Louisiana. Thus the name Baton Rouge.”

“Oh, okay. And you say they play rap music.”


“Okay, I guess I can try a different place tonight.”

Alyssa was still scrolling Facebook.


When the three entered the Downtown Orlando spot, rap music was playing just like…

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