Thoughts on a snowy Sunday

It’s 2:32 am

While I am typing out a new entry,I felt like I needed to once again to share post again. Thanks for reading.


Originally posted 17 Dec 11


Looking out at a grey day here in SE Michigan,its lightly snowing and for some reason that has caused my cat to suddenly go goofy. He is racing up and down the stairs,meowing and then jumping on the bed. I’m guessing he wants winter to finally get started,he does enjoy laying by the window and watching the snow.

And I have to agree,it just doesn’t seem like Christmas unless there is some snow on the ground. And with last Thursday being 55 degrees,a White Christmas might be out of the cards this year.

But that my day to do my shopping,so armed with my coupons and Christmas list….I braved the malls and stores but only after I mailed my first wave of Christmas cards and Lori’s relative’s gifts. Once you can handle the Post Office,mall shopping is kid’s play,right?

The stores were pretty busy which was pretty nice to see. I had a easy time getting just about everything Lori asked for this year plus some surprises to boot. Only thing I just couldn’t find was a good scarf,I had gotten a good info about a Infinity Loop from Sanctuary of Style,which had advised me to go Macy’s to find it. I did that but found the Loop just a little too big for Lori. Not all women have long necks which is what the Loop was designed for. I saw and heard several women admire the Loop but had the same problem with it being too big……but I can definitely see why its a hot item.

What was sort of strange about the mall this year…..both places I went to were pretty poorly decorated for Christmas,which was and is weird since a lot of stores were pushing the season back in September. But the big stores I went to had the Christmas music going but not all the soap opera boxes,trees or employee’s wearing anything really Christmas. Just sort of strange to see.

Thursday night saw us taking our neighbor Marlene and her son Dylan out to look at Christmas lights. They had never seen Ellen St. in Livonia which is famous for its Christmas displays. The little neighborhood goes all out for Christmas and all except for a couple of houses,is the best place to see such a beautiful light show. Cars are lined up to travel the cul-de-sac and lots of folks park and take pictures.

So we were pretty excited to show Marlene and Dylan Ellen St. But to our surprise,there were hardly any houses decorated this year! One side of the street was completely empty and only about 12 houses in all had any lights going at all. What was strange about this is 3 years ago when hardly anyone anywhere had Christmas lights going,you could count on Ellen Street for a full display. Now its the reverse,our sub has a lot homes lit up and after we went to Ellen Street,we cruised through Northville and Plymouth and saw plently of beautuful displays….while Ellen Street was pretty dark. Maybe the recession caught up to the street at last and the homeowners didn’t want to pay for the power that was needed for the event. Maybe there are new homeowners who didn’t know about the tradition…whatever the reason,it was sad to see Ellen Street w/out its displays.

Lori and I are headed back to Ann Arbor this Monday to have her Radiation treatment readjusted. This will take about an hour and then after Monday,she will go every morning for the next 28 week days. I know I will be able to go with her at least twice a week,maybe more if the treatment is early enough  in the morning.  I have made the hiring pool for the TSA and after a year of trying to get in,I am praying they call me next month. Its so strange,I have been out of work for over two years now but considering what Lori has gone through,it had to God’s will that I was home to be able to take care of her. But now with being a 99er,we really cannot afford it anymore. The slope is getting slippery so I have to get out there to try and get something now.

Funny,you go thru life praying and hoping you never see a beast like cancer yet there are people who claim to have yet in order to scam people into sympathy or get goodies/gifts. Last year in a town by ours,a woman purposely drugged her son and shaved his head and went around saying her son had cancer. Strangers and friends opened thier hearts to this woman and tried to help her ease her “burden”. Finally her family figured it out and turned her ass over to the cops who arrested her and the courts took away her son and placed him with loving relatives.

Now that we are dealing with this ourselves,I am just sickened by anyone who would dare to do this. You have no idea what its really like until you have to deal with it on a daily basis. And that goes to anyone who suffers a traumatic event like this…to take advantage of good people’s hearts or crisis to benefit ones self. It takes a souless person to prey upon people’s spirits in such a manner..

But I’m not going to end this entry on a sad note…..


This week a man in Detroit,who is battling alcoholism and had been arrested for a domestic issue,was released from jail. One night,while getting gas for his car,he found a wallet that had fallen by the pump he was using. Looking inside,he found a 1,000.00 dollars. The man,who has 8 kids and while working,is on state aid (which was cut off when he was arrested) could have really used the money. Instead,he tried to find the owner and upon failing that,turned the wallet over to the same police department who had arrested him last week!

The cops reached out and contacted the local media and Fox 2 sent out Amy Lange to cover this story. (the fact she got a feel good story is headlines in itself). Well Amy’s report touched a lot of hearts and once again proved honestly is the best policy because a viewer who had watched was moved enough to gift the family the same 1,000.00 that he had found. Other folks also contacted the station with offers to help this family. The man knows he has a drinking problem and is seeking help to overcome it. His spirit and honesty really is moving and I know I spreak for all of us when I say I hope he and his family make it.



Okay,thats all I got for now….thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on a snowy Sunday

  1. I will never for the life of me understand how delusional you really have to be to fake an illness for personal gain. This only hurts people that truly need help.

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  2. alot in the mix, but at the end of the day, well detailed to speak of things so seen differently by us but having a message only he/she who is in its place alone can be glad they did. deep read.

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