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Update (20 Apr 11)

It’s 6:42 pm on 16 April 17.

Happy Easter.

The cheetah and I stayed low key today. Other then a quick run for dinner,I stayed home and puttered on the computer. The cheetah got another pinch of his new catnip and really mellowed out.
This post saw one of our first post surgery visit’s to the Cancer Center at the U of Michigan. It was a day of unknowns and questions.


Its 4:38 pm

Sitting at the local library….and despite my griping about the somewhat outdated books they carry,glad that it is at least OPEN. Several Metro Detroit area cities including Detroit proper are losing thier libraries at an alarming rate. Its hard to fathom that some towns,like Troy..which is considered a well off suburb,are going to close thier branches…yet they have enough to keep the local public golf courses open….am I the only who has a problem with that?

And Detroit is looking to close 18 of its 23 branches due to budget problems…but still pays its nine City Council members over 80,000 per year PLUS thier staffs! You want a sure fire sign that our society is slowing being eroded away,watch when the city closes it library.



Today we went back to Ann Arbor and the U of Michigan Hospital. The day has been grey,cold and dreary but we are in good spirits. Guess that was knowing we are now taking our first steps forward in stopping the beast. First up…Radiology for a CT (cat scan). Not one of my wife’s favorite tasks. We had one taken way back in September during our first trip to Oakwood. The CT is a easy,painless test…its the stuff you have to drink,contrast,that is hard. Its tastes like you drinking a chalk milkshake,very thick and not pleasant….not in even in mocha flavored.

The waiting room was full of folks drinking thier contrast and waiting to be seen. As my wife filled out some paperwork,a elderly couple came in and asked if they were in the right place…and if any one here has ever been to the U of M hospital can tell you,its a HUGE complex! The front desk said they weren’t and tried to give to give them directions. We glanced up and could see that the couple heard but didn’t quite understand the verbal road map.

I put down my book and told them I would help them out. The couple,in thier 80s,thanked me and off we went. His wife was walking with a cane so we went slow. The gentleman,Sam,was very loving towards his wife…you could see how much they loved each other. I escorted them to the right lab and headed back.

As I walked into the waiting area,I saw a sign that asked that no eating happen in the waiting area. That made sense because people taking a CT are not allowed to eat for at least 8 hours before the tests and most tests take about 45 minutes to adminster once you get at the hospital. So it would be sort of messed up to eat a Big Mac while you’re sitting in that waiting room.

My wife was sitting in her chair slowly drinking her cocktail. She did a outstanding job and it had down in 25 minutes.

We waited another 15 before she went back in for her CT.

As I was reading my book,Scorpion Down,a nurse came up and asked to speak with me. My wife had told her was what going on with us. The nurse came out and gave me a was a resource number for cancer patients and thier families. I was glad to get it to say the least….if I have questions,I now can get the answers I need.

Soon my wife came out,her spirits were good. She said she talked to a woman who battled colon cancer for 5 years so far! Thats pretty frickin’ amazing because most colon cancer patients die within 2 years…its one of the worst places to get it. This gives us great hope that we can overcome the odds….

Part of that will be avoiding the U of M’s hospital cafe because if cancer,heart disease,rabies or a bullet won’t kill you,the cafe will…..the food there was beyond awful…other then the cup of coffee we had.

After lunch and a stomach pump (okay,so I am stretching it a bit here)we headed to the cardivacular center for our MUGA test.

What is a MUGA test?

As we crossed over the catwalk into the Cardivacular center,a nurse asked if we needed help,we asked where the Nuclear Medicine section was,she took us with her and we went in the staff elevator per her instructions. She wished us luck and we went on our way. But once we got on our floor,it went from busy to ghost town. We walked down hallways until we saw a Waiting room sign. As we walked in,the front desk clerk looked at us funny,we had come in from the private staff’s entry and not the general public way. Regardless,we were there and there was only one person in the room. The lab tech,Jeff,came in and greeted is and said he could test my wife early (we were 45 minutes early). So off we went and and 80 minutes later,we were headed home.

Next up…a return trip to Ann Arbor on the 25th for blood work and Chemo Education class along with a follow-up visit with Dr. Johnston. We are awaiting our chemo treatment date,it was supposed to be the 25th but Dr. Johnston thought that might too much for one day for us.

Someone asked how I am coping with this issue. My answer was simple…I listen to a lot of music. Lots and lots of Barbara Manning on my CD player. Of course to those in the know,thats no shock. Even after starting in the music business 22 years ago,Barbara Manning and her music have always been my absolute favorite. I take great comfort in listening to her,Gretchen Peters and Dave Alvin. Music is a great healer and I firmly believe that.


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