Have Cheetah,Will View #40 – “To Be Alone”

Its 4:19 pm

I got a PM from actor Timothy Cox on Facebook asking me to take a peek at his new short film, “To Be Alone”,written and directed by Matthew Mahler. The cheetah and I had reviewed a earlier film that Timothy had co-starred in,Have Cheetah,Will View #35 – “Here Lies Joe” and we had liked it quite a bit.
So Paladin and I definitely were excited to take a look at “To Be Alone”.


The movie opens with a man(Cox) sitting in his house living looking numb. You can tell that he recently just suffered a terrible loss. He spends time watching religious sermons and reading his Bible.
One sermon about getting into Heaven touches the man who is eating cookies and milk,so much so he grabs his Bible and a tool bag and heads outside. He starts building something and as he finishes,he looks upstairs at his house. Back inside he again awash in memories,including setting a dinner plate out for his wife…he lies awake at night sleeping on his couch. The next morning while the man sleeps,he gets a call and suddenly things start going a little sideways……

This is an amazing tight little film,full of twists and questions that will leave shivers crawling down your spine. I found this movie to be a little too disturbing for me on based on Cox’s outstanding turn as a husband who has lost his wife. He has the traits of grieving person down pat-numbness,insomina,foggy far away look.
But the film lover in me loved this,there is no spoken dialogue other then the preachers on the TV and the voice on a answering machine. Cox says not a word but he doesn’t have too,you know exactly how and what he is feeling,you don’t just know WHY.

Mahler also edited his short 12:40 long film and it is beautifully photographed by Jonathon Gianotte. What is so impressive about Mahler’s direction is his ability to hide in plain sight. He leads the viewer one way and lets his score become the narrative. It’s a daring gamble but it works.


The cheetah and I both like “To Be Alone” and give this a high paws/thumbs up!


To find more about the cast and crew of “To Be Alone”,you can click on their IMDb page

Let us know what you thought of the film be leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading…


19 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #40 – “To Be Alone”

  1. Short films are great. You get to see a nice story and that too in a short span of time.
    As usual, the review written is great and gives us an insight into the film’s plot, direction and acting.

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  2. Really enjoyed that. I cannot figure out how I feel about what happened. But the majority of my feelings are with the idea that his wife killed herself. If I think any harder I am going to think he killed her so I am going to stop thinking about LOL.

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  3. Wow its’s so awesome that people are contacting you for reviews, that must feel great. I can now imagine more what that kind of loss must be like, thanks for sharing

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