Life and Death and in between.

It’s 9:38 pm

Seems like the time to do a regular blog entry for change as a lot of things have suddenly popped up. Some sad news,some good news and I finally met my new neighbors after 5 months.


So I have officially rejoined a gym.  The local Planet Fitness is running a promo and I decided to take them up on their offer of 5 dollars,10 dollars a month. My weight has shot skyward since I left my job and I don’t want that or the potential side effects healthwise that come with being too fat. So off I go back into the gym….weird that I would actually give a poo at this point with only a year to go but there you go….if I care enough not to become a blimp,maybe there is hope yet…

We have gotten a fair amount of rain to kick off the spring and the grass and plants are pretty happy about that,especially when the rain is followed by some very warm weather. The sound of lawnmowers filled the air and so I headed out for the first mowing of the summer. I opened the front door so the cheetah could look out through the storm door. Paladin has no fear of the lawnmower noise and neither did Derek Jeter. They both enjoyed the door and the open window.

Paladin will sometimes meow and flop on his side when I’m cutting the front grass. Sometimes he’ll roar and it makes my lawnmower sound like dragster and startle people walking by.
So I fired the mower and headed down the side of the house. A large dog is outside along with a young blonde girl who sitting on the deck. The dog races up to the fence,barking not at me but at the lawnmower. The woman is walking towards the dog as a young man is coming out of the house. This is the first I have seen her and have only seen the guy in passing.
As they approach the fence,I kill the mower. We introduce ourselves and I find myself telling Michael and Kate that I’m not a recluse (but after 5 months of not seeing each other,maybe that is incorrect). I can see by their body language and looks that Marlene has told them our story. They confirm that when I ask and they say they are sorry.
The dog is a large Boxer mix,her name is Dina and she looks to be a bundle of joy. She ripped around her yard carrying a squeaky toy. The toy would squeak as she ran past me. She was running just to run…they noticed the cheetah who was solaring. Needless to say,my neighbors were impressed by him,after all,you don’t see a live cheetah everyday.

This week saw the end of a journey for my friend Rick’s soulmate,Giselle. She had fought colon cancer many times over a 10 year period. She had tried just about every treatment,both traditional and holistic during this time. Some treatments worked better then others but as anyone who has dealt with long term cancer,there just isn’t one magic cure all. Cancer can be stopped for a while but will often mutate around the chemotherapy and other meds and come back over and over. But Giselle was a real miracle! I personally didn’t know her but I know Rick and what kind of a man he is. I know he stayed with his Giselle to the last. I happened to notice a bunch of new pictures on his wall and in my heart,I knew it wasn’t going well. I hadn’t kept up with every update (thanks Facebook) but enough to know she was back to traditional medical care.
I pinged Rick privately and asked how things were going,I wept when he said Giselle only had hours to go. I felt the relief for her but terrible sadness for Rick and what he’ll go through. Of course there isn’t anything that be done as he starts his own journey now.
Life has changed as he knows it,I let him know he could call me if he needed a ear. It’s strange,you can be surrounded by hundreds of friends and family yet no one can understand exactly what you have been through other then someone who has. This doesn’t mean they have answers as to what happens next,only that they have a small idea and can possibly share their own experience.

On a lighter note,I had my Twitter feed open as I was working and saw actress Haley Talbot had sent a tweet asking her followers to read her friend Io’s blog. I have found plenty of quality blogs,articles and even friends (hello Radha) by following a random tweet. So I clicked on the link that Haley had posted and there I read the blog Io Is Walking.

Io is a young lady who decided to walk the Pacific Crest Trail which stretches from San Diego to a point in Washington and if you have a passport,there is also a point you can end your trip at in British Columbia,Canada.
I had only faintly heard about the PCT but it wasn’t until I saw the film “Wild” starring Reese Witherspoon that I read about it and how long it is.

So I started reading Io’s blog and I am enchanted by her writing and how she is doing. I started posting her updates in my Facebook group and now there are even more folks reading about Io’s journey. I asked my fellow bloggers in my Crazy 4 Blogging group to leave some positive energy comments and hey,if you were walking 2,600 miles,you would love to open up your blog and see a whole slew of folks rooting for you!!
Io’s writing style is extremely personal and endearing. My friend Theresa and I find ourselves cracking up over the trail nicknames Io has for her fellow hikers.

We’re hoping that Theresa and her son will be able to meet Io as she treks by their home and provide a little trail magic (goodies given by strangers to a hiker) and will take a couple of pictures.
In keeping with being social,I hosted my first movie day here at the house. My buddy Rome,who has had me over to watch some WWE events,some cool film classics like “Black Belt Jones” and “Three The Hard Way” at his house,made the drive to watch “Wolf Warrior” with the cheetah and myself. He had doubts that I could deliver a quality movie to watch after I had told him I had gotten him a copy of “Death Race 2050”. Instead,he was unduly impressed by “Wolf Warrior”and thought it was pretty kick ass movie.
We ended rapping about the state of world and decided to push back the second film,”Hard Target 2” until next time.


Well that is it for now. I know,a rare personal blog but I still can’t over the feeling of posting emptiness is not a good idea for a blogger. I want words to mean something when I put them down….

If you are on Twitter please consider following at @Jinzo_2400 . Someone (other then Chris Blair) finally knew where my Twitter handle came from,Noel,I am very impressed!


Shout outs

Rick P- So very sorry about Giselle and I’m here 24/7.

Romey – Yeah,can’t blame you for banning me from watching GotG Vol. 2 with you. I would be indeed talking at the screen.

Mercy P. – Hang in there Mercy,your day will come. Just keep grinding!!

Crazy 4 Blogging peeps – Thank you for leaving such nice comments. It makes the writing all the more fun,doesn’t it?

Cezanne and Theresa – Thank you for your support always!

Aaron Judge – What a great start young man!!! Hope it lasts the entire season!

Io – Thanks for sharing your hike with the world. And for Haley for tweeting about it!

Black Canary – Glad you had a great convention in Chicago. Your pictures were very charming!

Jimmy and Sweet Chop Torres- Las Vegas Raiders???? *lol*

13 thoughts on “Life and Death and in between.

  1. Good for you for joining gym and I’m sorry to hear about Giselle and what it means for Rick over the next few months. I have a firmed going through the same thing, his wife died of cancer in January and it is a long hard road to walk.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job on the joining a gym thing! I feel you on the whole weight thing. I joined an accountability group on Facebook and that’s keeping me motivated to reach my health goals!

    I loved the movie, Wild. I think I liked the book better!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s partner’s death. Cancer is such a horrible disease. It touches everyone involved. Glad to hear however that you’ve taken measures to reduce your weight.

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