Update (20 Apr 11)

It’s 6:42 pm on 16 April 17. Happy Easter. The cheetah and I stayed low key today. Other then a quick run for dinner,I stayed home and puttered on the computer. The cheetah got another pinch of his new catnip and really mellowed out. This post saw one of our first post surgery visit’s to […]

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Update (14 Apr 11)

It’s 12:36 am on 16 Apr 17. I’m edgy and restless. My heart is eager to leave now,damn waiting til next year. I want to go now,I miss Lori so much and I’ll miss her more tomorrow then I did today.  What is so bitterly funny about this weekend is it’s Easter. Where we celebrate […]

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Wednesday (9 Apr 11)

It’s 12:20 pm on 10 April 17. Looking outside as I hear a incoming thunderstorm start to make its self heard.  The rain drops are starting to hit. I was about to leave to get a haircut and was checking out something online when I saw this post by Heidi,the admin in my Crazy4Blogging group […]

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