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The Cup

It’s 1:55 AM
It is raining outside….it has rained all day in fact. Today was a weird one…I went to sleep pretty early last night and even woke up as well. But I felt tired almost from the get go and so did the cheetah. He decided he was going to take a nap and he crawled up under the blankets on my bed.
I could see his lump under the covers and heard his purr quite loudly. I climbed in as well just for a minute but when Paladin came up and curled up next to me,we both were done. Five hours later I woke up but the cheetah was still sleeping…..such was our day.
I wrote the blog below on 28 May 15. And yes,the cup is still in use…..

Its 1:38 am

I am still up after getting home from work. For the summer season I have been working in receiving breaking down our freight along with my buddy Batroc. Its hard work as most of our trucks bring in an average of 10,000 pieces in around 800 boxes every day. But we enjoy our job and work pretty fast,we make a good team. We work from 2 pm to 11 pm and as of late we end up talking about 45 minutes after we get off. We had a fast but heavy thunderstorm hit our area tonight and the weather outside at 11 pm was warm and muggy.
Its nice to be able to sit back and just shoot the breeze with a co-worker…it brings a sliver of a normal life into my world. Last night we went to WalMart to get a card for a young co-worker who lost his mother to breast cancer. I helped him fill out a FMLA form and answered some cancer related questions after his mom went into hospice care. His mom was given six months and she went in about 5 weeks ago,but the young man was able to take a lot of videos and pictures with his mom before the end. We really like this young man and the night team freight team will be there for him when he comes back to work.

I used to work at a grocery chain called Farmer Jack as a store trainer/cashier. I was with the company seven years until they went out of business in 2007. I got to work with several nice people and some not very nice people. One of the nicest was a front end supervisor named Stephanie. Stephanie was a very hard working and compassionate young lady. I used to drive her crazy by saying “Good morning,Stephanie” no matter what time it was. In fact I still say it whenever we chat online and it still drives her crazy….but she is a lot of fun.
Well during Christmas time some of us would bring in small gifts for our friends at the store,nothing really big but something from the heart. To this I will say that I forgot what Lori and I got Stephanie but I do know what she got us. She knew (surprise) that we loved cats and were taking care of a colony on our back porch that winter. She gave me a small pouch of hot chocolate and a mug to drink it from.

This mug was used heavily during the cold winter months for said hot chocolate or hot tea. But one day when it was being put away,it suffered a small chip in the rim of the mug. We were pretty bummed about what happened as we both really liked both the mug and the saying on it. We put it in the back of our cupboard but didn’t use it after that.

2006 and we move to our new house and we are unpacking. The mug has made the trip with us but we still have no idea what to do with it and so its moved to a spare spot in our basement.
We decided at the time to set up Derek Jeter and Ginger’s food station in the basement as well along with the litter boxes. Things progress smoothly until we went on vacation and thought climbing the stairs would be a little rough for our cat sitters. We moved everything upstairs to make it easier and during this time we were switching cups as well. See,I used to get Lori a Starbucks mug every Christmas in various colors and designs. But she had also found a wonderful Pottery Barn collection at a very steep discount and had gotten it. We used the Starbucks mugs for Fall and Winter and the Pottery Barn mugs for Spring and Summer. One set stayed upstairs and one down in the spare cupboard in the basement and I would rotate them as such.
After we got back,I moved the litter box back downstairs but we decided to leave the cat food dishes upstairs as well as their water bowl. It was then when Lori noticed the mug and suggested we use it as a cat food scoop. And that is exactly what happened,this mug has fed two cats and now a cheetah. We bought our Science Diet cat food at PetCo and I pour it into a large container and a small one. The little bit that is left is used first but then its all about scooping with cup. Paladin starts meowing when he sees me grab the cup and often races downstairs before me. The thing is,so did Derek and Ginger,they always know what that cup means and only that cup. They never reacted whenever Lori drank coffee or when we had tea from our household mugs. But the Meowy cup? Oh yeah,that means food time.
The cheetah is funny when it comes to letting me know when its time to grab the cup and head downstairs. If he can see the bottom of his bowel (despite having quite a bit of chow in it),its cause for alarm. This generally means I am being loved,purred and bunted awake. Paladin is telling me the cup is badly needed NOW. And when you have a cheetah “encouraging”you to get up,you get up!!

The cup stays on the cabinet next to the basement and every time I see it or when I use it to scoop food for Paladin,I am reminded where it came it and the thought behind it. I am always thankful for Stephanie for thinking of us and I hope if she reads this,how much the cup means to me.

Thanks for reading and if you have a story like this,feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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Shout outs:

Lorna – hope you are feeling more like yourself. Summer is finally here!!
George and The Lost World team- thank you for your continued support of the blog. You guys are amazing!
Angie- you need to copyright “Honeymooney”
Rob W. – Good luck to Channel 2 in defending your hoops title. Bring out your inner Seth Curry!
Suzanne – 26 years!!! Outstanding!
Stephanie- Thank you for the cup.



20 thoughts on “The Cup

  1. When I was in my mid-twenties I had a dear adorable friend, 19. She was a talented artist and beautiful spirit, and I loved her, I loved her in a way words cannot describe. We had a just us night, painting ceramics, and it was a blast. I painted a mug and she a converse. Not long after I picked up our ceramic pieces, she shot herself.

    I cherished the mug, took it everywhere loaded with chai, and a couple of months later a friend of mine accidentally smashed it. He glued it back together, an elaborate mosaic, a skill he nor I knew he possessed. Glued as whole as it could be I turned the mug into a planter, I call it her garden. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for sharing your story. 19 is much too young to have decided to end ones life. I think its a beautiful gesture what your newly artistic friend came up with to save your cup.


  2. I always assume people aren’t having the same experiences in life. I suppose we get isolated in our problems and thoughts etc. I believe that cup will always be an object of cherished affection. Those memories are invaluable.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Cats are awesome. When I was married, we had a cat. Henry Porter Weinhard was his name. He was a very particular cat. He insisted we clean his box before and after each use. In the mornings, he would sit in the window sill and run his paws across the blinds, and if that didn’t do the trick, he’ come sit on my ex’s head. I don’t think that Henry believed he was a cat. I think he believed he was a small four legged child.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheetahs have a lot of the same traits as domestic cats,the one thing Paladin does that always cracks me up…is he loves to sleep under the covers,be it spring or summer,he will sleep under a blanket…


  4. This is such a sweet article. I always like reading articles in which you mention about your cat. It seems to be to too cute and adorable. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Our possesions often hold so many memories don’t they? I know someone who won’t buy secondhand items because she says they all hold energy. Great story

    Liked by 1 person

    • I often think of that when I go media hunting. I’ll find a movie and wonder why someone decided to let it go.
      I know when I give bad movies away,I always think “misery deserves company” and then give them to friends.


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  7. I can tell that Palladin has you well trained as his tin opener (or most likely a bag of kibble in your case 😉 )! I love how you treasure the cup, I have one like that, too. I got it from a dear friend, as we often chat on the phone while both enjoying some coffee, and I usually sit at our wee pond while doing so. It not just reminds me of her, it also has the perfect size! My cat thinks so, too btw. As this cup has a wide enough opening for him to fit his head in and sneak a drink of milky coffee…I have caught him red pawed several times! And let me tell you caffeine doesn’t seem to have any side effects on cats… Please, give the cheetah some extra chin skritches from me!

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