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Free Comic Book Day and looking back

It’s 12:01 pm
7 May 17

Its a bright sunny day outside,lawnmowers are in action and I see a couple of folks walking their dogs. I’m going to clean my car and then Romey and I are headed to the bookstore in Northville.
I dreamed of Lori last night,we holding each other tight and I had my face buried in her hair. She always loved her hair,it was so thick and soft. She always kept it short and poofy. Her stylist,Donna,always knew the look that would bring out Lori’s eyes when trying a new hair style.
One of my favorite things in life was running my hand through her hair,Lori loved it and often would ask me to rub her head except for right after getting her done. It was off limits until she said “okay”.
Of course as I am dreaming,someone woke me up. A cheetah was bonking (head butt) my head,he wanted under the covers. I lifted the blanket and he settled on my hip and went to sleep.
Today is Free Comic Book Day across the country. Comic bookstores join forces with various publishers to give out a free comic to everyone who visits (while supplies last). It a perfect way to not only support the industry but also introduce brand new collectors into the hobby.
For the second year in a row,I went out with Romey,he had a detailed plan on which stores we would be hitting and we even factored in a run to Disc Replay in Livonia. He picked me up and off we went.
Our first stop was to Comic City in Canton. We got there at 10:20 am (they opened at 10 am) and it was packed.  One of the employees was dressed as Deadpool in a great costume,the kids were “ooooh” and “It’s Deadpool,Daddy!!!”.
Romey and I went and collected the titles he wanted. I don’t collect but since he did,it made easier for him to collect all the titles that were being offered. We got in a line behind a couple,the wife was dressed as Robin and her costume was spot on.
As we left to head onwards to our next store,I noticed that Romey’s car was really shaking. The vibration was pretty wicked,he said he thought he had hit a pothole. I agreed and we both agreed maybe we shouldn’t push his car that hard,a car out of alignment is trouble waiting to happen.
We decided we would try two more shops and Disc Replay before calling it a day.
After lunch we zipped over to A To Z Comics in Garden City. We snagged a good parking spot and went in. This store was much bigger then Comic City and wasn’t quite as crowded. It was my first time there and I really liked it,they sold a TON of different collectibles of all types.
The store had two independent artists/publishers as special guests and handed out free cake as well. Romey and I hit the 1.00 boxes to see if we could find any hidden gems.
Indeed we did and soon after that we were on our way to Disc Replay.  Between Free Comic Book Day and the opening weekend of “Guardians of the Galaxy”,there was almost no one in Disc Replay when we got there. It made shopping all that easier for sure.
I was looking for the last three seasons of Scrubs and the last four seasons of House M.D. . I struck out but did pick up the first seasons of Ally McBeal and of Chuck both of which I had never watched. But the prices were dirt cheap….
That ended our run and after Romey dropped me off,I popped some popcorn and started watching “Chuck”. I can see why so many people enjoyed it,its pretty charming and the cast had great chemistry…

Last but not least….I like to thank IAMS for sending us a free bag of cheetah food. Paladin has enjoyed it and we both think it was a most generous coupon that you sent out.

I am re-posting a older blog as well here. I posted this on Facebook on 5 May 2011.
This is detailing the aftermath of Lori’s first chemotherapy and our search for a wig. We found a very precious shop that was a God send to not only us but for many women in the metro Detroit area.

archive button

Its 12:29 am


Been a strange couple of days….we finally killed one of the three terrorists who organized the 9/11 attacks. Osama bin Laden met his demise after almost 10 years of avoiding justice….at the cost of 4 trillion dollars and thousands of our best and bravest soldiers dying and maimed. Was it worth it? Not as long as Bush and Cheney are still free. Until they stand trial for their part in the attacks,this is a mission not completed.

But other then that…..

Been a somewhat uneven week during following the first week of chemo. Its a pretty draining process and if you push too much,you find yourself getting tired quickly. We have done a daily activity everyday except for Tuesday. Either a walk,light shopping or as we did today….taking a trip to Pleasant Ridge to shop for a wig at a wonderful place called Susan’s Special Needs.


Shopping for a wig is vital piece of treatment for most women cancer patients who under go chemo. The time  from a first treatment to total hair loss is about 14 days. But finding a shop that caters to cancer patients are few and far between here in the Metro Detroit area. Many shops have a few wigs but lack the skilled and compassionate professional staff to help a patient find a proper wig. And the insurance companies don’t really cover the cost very well either,our insurance only covers 40% of my wife’ wig.

We checked out a shop in Livonia which had about 12 different wigs…and at first we thought had struck gold the first time in..but when the shop didn’t carry our carrier,we had to make arrangements to try and allow a one off contract.

But as we waited for the shop to agree with this,we saw they really weren’t interested and moved on. The 2nd shop in Westland turned out to be closed and had been shuttered for some time.

We also had checked out the wig bank at the U of Michigan but they had only 5 wigs TOTAL to look at.

It was when we were talking to another insurance nurse that we learned about Susan’s Special Needs. The nurse who had also gone through chemo ,had looked all over as well before finding Susan’s. She said it was the only place to go.

So we made the trek to Pleasant Ridge,32 miles away. And I’m happy to say,the nurse was right,Susan’s was wonderful. While looking more like a shop in Paris,it has been solely designed for women dealing with cancer,menopause and all the trappings that come with it….special clothes for hot flashes,wigs for chemo patients and bras for women who may have lost a breast. Each client is seen by a certified staffer in a private setting and each appointment is an hour. The owner’s husband,Mike, is there at the door offering light refreshments in a small “cafe” in the back of the shop. If you’re lucky,the store dog,Molly,will come out and greet you as well.

Turban Room

Shannon was our helper and was very compassionate…she explained the difference between human hair and synthetic hair (you can’t cook with fake hair). My wife tried on about 12-14 examples before settling on the wig we liked. And we learned wigs are not cheap either,the one we got was 530 dollars. My wife was having mixed feelings about paying that because money is pretty tight. But honestly,it doen’t matter how expensive it was,she was going to get it because self -esteem is a vital weapon to a person battling cancer. We saw patients at UM in caps…which only screamed “look at me,I’m sick!”. We are not about that,we are fighters and if wearing a wig helps my wife get better,Dolly Parton better watch out!

While we have some down time,we are working on some little projects around the house…small tasks but they keep us busy and focused on living each day like normal.

Like to say “Happy Birthday” to my old mentor and boss,Jacek Rosicki. He was the guy who really believed in me and my ear and hired me at the Oasis,the Agenda and later on,the EDGE. The job at the EDGE was the best job I ever had and allowed me to fully explore myself as an artist. What? You didn’t know that the REAL artists in music are the club owners/talent buyers. We use the stage as our canvas,the bands as the paint and the show as the whole picture.

As always,thank you for reading!


Shout outs  (8 May 17)

Donald and Radha – Love you both.

Romey – Miss Parker!! Miss Parker!!!

Io – Continued safe trek on your PCT adventure

IAMS- Again,thank you for the free bag of petfood.

Comic City and A to Z Comics – had a blast visiting your shops

Crazy 4 Blogging group – Thanks for your continued support

Phil – the best brother ever

Larry Lopez – I don’t when you left but know you’ll never be forgotten. #75





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