8 Questions with……..Irish actor Christopher Toretto


You have been incredibly busy with 23 films completed in just over a year,what has been the five most important lessons learned from this experience?

My thanks to Christopher for doing this interview. Please feel free to drop a comment below and if you want a chance to sit and answer 8 Questions,leave me a comment below or go to my Contact Page.

24 thoughts on “8 Questions with……..Irish actor Christopher Toretto

  1. What an incredible touching story he has! I will have to check some trailers of his movies on you tube, as I have to admit I have never seen him on screen. But he sounds like a very promising talent!

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  2. I love a Cinderella story. It makes me want to succeed in everything I choose to do. You know the saying. “What doesn’t kill you can make you stronger.” I’m interested to see this actor in the future.

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  3. What a cutie! (sorry had to be said) Our darkest times teach us so much and prepare us to receive the blessings and to be grateful, I’ve been there and happy for your success! Definitely gonna look for the show.

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    1. Awesome comment Heidi!! I’m sure Chris’s face will be blushing when he reads this! Supposedly location shooting is happening late summer so this series won’t be airing til 2018…..


  4. My brother was/is an actor. Now he focuses more on writing, but reading these reminds me of him. He was in two films in Houston before calling it quits and moving back home. One of the films was an on air special I never received the opportunity to see while the second was an indie film that was never completed due to sound editing problems.

    After giving up on acting he moved back home to West Texas where he sort of floated for nearly a decade before finally writing his own play. This past week the local theatre agreed to co sponsor it, and now he only has to find funding for the rest before January, his premier date. I couldn’t be more proud of him, just as impressed as I am with Mr. Toretto himself, right here. Those lessons bulleted are fantastic! Well done!

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  5. Hey Torretto!

    I must admit your story is really touching as well as inspiring and you have just given me a reason to want more and yes, be more!

    Thanks so much.

    Patrick, think you are doing a really great job here and sharing Torretto’s story is another brilliant part of your works. You should keep it up.

    Think I might have a little something to share myself, you never know. 🙂


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  6. I am really happy to hear he was able to move past his childhood that is hard. I just watched a video on a girl who got robbed and a year later she was still in tears about it. I can imagine that leaves a lasting impact, and I am happy he had/has his partner to help him through.

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  7. So proud of my nephew you have come so far after so many obstacles keep up the good work from your aunt Dallas uncle Jim and family Londonderry Xx

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  8. Chris has a very beautiful soul and a generous heart. I don’t know if he ever reads these but if he does I just wanted to personally thank you. The man you helped this weekend is my son. I can’t thank you enough that was so thoughtful and kind. I hope you have a wonderful blessed day.

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    1. I agree with you Robbin….Christopher has overcome some terrible hurdles but is still the same classy gentleman and artist,I have nothing but respect for Clare and Christopher. Not surprised at all to see him helping anyone who needs it.


    2. Thank you sir …. I am not 100% who I helped but I am glad I could do so . I hope you are keeping well and thank you 🙏

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