Thoughts on the Trail….

It’s 1:10 am

Looking at a humid overcast day. The cheetah is curled up sleeping on a box in the spare bedroom. We have been having problems with his weepy eye this season,I went to his very and bought eye drops. Paladin has always been a great patient when it comes to taking his medicines,including his drops. But this time,he has been rather stubborn about not getting them…and trying to convince a cheetah to do something he doesn’t want too…

Really enjoying walking with family friend Susan. We are walking between 2-2.5 miles every Friday. It would be more except once again,my left side tightens up and I am forced to stop.  The first two Fridays we went to the park by my house that I normally walk at. We walked the park because the weather was spotty and we wanted to be close to our cars. But the goal was to hit the River Rouge trail in South Canton. Last Friday we finally made it…it has been a long time since I have walked here,Lori and I used to walk here 2-3 a year,we were always surprised by the lack of people. Years later and that holds true today as well.
Susan and I pulled up to only to see 2-3 cars in the parking lot.As we head out,we saw a couple with their dog and a lone walker with his grey pit bull. The trails were in great shape as we started..we decided to do a loop but keeping heading west as we did.

It was pretty quiet outside the birds chirping,we didn’t see any other animals as we walked.  The weather was perfect but Susan got hit a few times by biting bugs. A off road bicyclist came by and kept of going.
I felt pretty good,just a small twinge but not bad….we noticed there were a lot of smaller trails going off the main tracks. While Michigan is the perfect state in terms of encountering dangerous animals,we do have one type of rattlesnake to be aware of. I have never seen one myself and that included many trips up to Lori’s folks place and during our vacations. The Eastern Massasauga is very shy and will always retreat,its very gentle by nature. (I think Kristen Wiley will be impressed by my sharing this).
As we walked,we discussed the new Wonder Woman film,we are going to see it this week. It had an amazing opening weekend with a 103.5 dollar opening and I didn’t see or hear a negative comment about the film.
My fellow fan boy Romey was raving about it as well….but I had to take that with a grain of salt,he also raved over one of the most goofiest films ever in “San Andreas”.
He said Patty Jenkins got it right and it looked like Warner Brothers left her alone in terms of not meddling. That is a good sign and might bode well for other films in the DCEU.

The attacks in the United Kingdom normally would have caught my eye for purely news purposes. I would read what has happened but not have any emotions invested because I didn’t know anyone over there.
But in my highlighting several British actors and directors in my “8 Questions With…..” interview series,now when I hear incidents like Manchester and London happen,I go look at my new friends FB pages to make sure they are okay and safe. While I have my own POV on the attacks,I’m not sharing them here,its not the place. I’m just glad  my friends are okay.
w5 As Susan and I made our way along the trail,we took a little off-shoot walkway to see the river. This the Rouge River and it ends up in the Detroit River. Its not a free flowing river either,its dammed off in several towns and more often then not it gets reduced to a stream.
A few years ago,a group decided to kayak the river down to the Detroit River. They more time hauling their kayaks over obstacles then actually rowing as it them days to complete their journey. I know that our city has a river clean up day(s) and they also do a annual frog count as well.
We didn’t hear any frogs nor we see any fish either….


Friday night Romey gave me a call and we had a quick snack before going over to our local Wally World (Walmart) which we hadn’t done in a couple of years. When we worked the 2-11 shift in freight,we would sometimes zip over to Walmart as a way of winding down. We would do a little shopping and hit the 3.74 dvd bin. It was nice way to relax before the weekend started. But after I took a full-time position that went away. And despite my leaving earlier this year,we still hadn’t done a Walmart run in a while. So when we finished our snack…we ventured over. I keep hoping I’ll run into another shoe sale like the one we ran into almost 3 years ago…..they had a clearance sale and I bought a ugly ass pair of shoes for 3.00. In fact,despite the fact they are starting to go….I still wear them for quick outings like we were doing. But on this day,I struck out….no deals to be had.
But we did find one good thing…..the entire series of the old 1970s show “Vega$” had been released as a box set. I used to love watching Dan Tanna,who was played by Robert Urich,zip all over Las Vegas helping folks out.
Wow,talk about a huge difference 40 years make!! Vegas of 1978 looks like a cow town compared to the multi-billion dollar tourist mecca it is today.
We finished our run and we each headed home…..Paladin wanted to check out who this Dan Tanna was so we watched the pilot episode. Two things struck me as we watched,one,only two original cast members are still alive…Bart Braverman who played Binzer and the lovely Judy Landers who played Angie. Robert Urich of cancer after a failed reboot of “The Love Boat”. While many do remember him best as Dan Tanna,my favorite show of his was “Spenser: For Hire” which I hope gets released as a set soon as well.
The second thing was watching Tony Curtis as Tanna’s boss and friend,tycoon Philip Roth. He was so charming in this role and reminds you on why he was once such a major star. He wasn’t a regular on the show but the ones that Curtis was featured just sparkled.
Meanwhile back to the walk….Susan and I walked to the first road crossing before my side started bothering me,I asked if we could turn back and with that we did. We took the main route back until we reached the Eagle Loop which we decided to walk.
This was the first time I had seen this eagle carving as well. While it was large,time and weather had not been kind too it. Its beak had rotted off and a large crack is running down its center. Why the city hasn’t been more proactive in fixing and protecting this once beautiful piece of art is a real mystery. It certainly deserves much better then this sad state its been reduced to.
As you can see,the grounds have been maintained but not the statue….we rested for a second while Susan took these pictures,in fact all of these nature pictures were taken by Susan. After these were taken….we headed to the last stretch.
Once in a great while a company will go an extra mile for a customer. They will reach out and offer help when someone needs it very much. This past week,I saw that in action on Twitter. One of my friends on Twitter whom I follow and has been fighting cancer,sent out a tweet to a pet supply company called Chewy.
In it she thanked them for helping her make sure her dog was taken care of. I thought that was outstanding and I tweeted Chewy and thanked them as well for gifting and supporting my friend. Pets are  priceless caregivers to chronic/advanced illness patients and the fact that someone from Chewy was willing to go that extra mile for her. Money is also a huge factor for anyone who is ill and every penny is precious. So not worrying about dog food….just outstanding and thank you again,Chewy!!
My friend Theresa sent the cheetah a care package of treats from Chewy once. Everything was packaged securely and tightly.  The cheetah says Chewy is the place to go for all of your dog,cat and cheetah needs!.
Going to wrap up this entry now,I still have new “Have Cheetah,Will View” to do as well.
If you made it this far,which I hope you did…feel free to drop me a comment below,the cheetah and I love it when we get comments. I am a little behind of answering some but we will catch up.

Shout Outs

Chris B. – Thank you for always remembering our forgotten warriors of World War ll.
Jess – Thanks for hanging with me while I wrote this out.
Chewy – Thanks again for your compassion
Susan – Thanks for the fun walks,Hines Park has to be next.
Io – I hope you are still walking and are safe. We miss your updates.
Sean Cain- Once again,thanks for your time! And meeting Matt on FB was so damn cool.
That said- please finish your damn interview *LOL* Or else I’ll let a certain someone know that you want that Pho lunch after all!
Romey- Vega$,baby!!!
Susan R- Fight On!
Slade Wilson – David Wright today is better then Manny Machado.
Brad- The Twins did bounce back,Houston is a special team this year…well that and they play in the shittiest park in baseball…even the Trop is better then that Little League park.
Nick. T- I can’t erase seeing that Cubs jersey on you!!
Alan A. – Sorry about your accident this week,just glad you weren’t seriously hurt.
Johnny Angel- really enjoyed our talk….

19 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Trail….

    1. I have only heard about two sightings,a redneck killed one in Milford and got arrested for it and someone got bit in Ann Arbor. There is no reason to get bit by a rattler unless its a accident.


  1. That sort of customer service is what put #1 online shop for pets even over amazon. Amazing! I wrote last April as PetSmart was closing down on a deal to purchase chewy by the end of their second fiscal quarter. I wonder perhaps if PetSmart is prepared with the manpower to maintain chewy as it is today.

    I used to sell Teakwood Statues, and let me tell you leaving any wooden sculpture is going to require round the clock care that most cities don’t have the manpower to keep. There’s oiling, protecting it from sun rays, rain, and snow. After Hurricane Ike, Galveston had a local sculptor go through and carve statues out of every fallen tree in memorial to all that was lost. I wonder if they will keep them up, they can hardly keep their own community together…the idea is sweet though, but a whole lot of work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PetSmart is pretty good with its in-house adoption centers,I would hope they maintain the excellent reputation that has worked hard to build up…

      I dunno who built the statues but I’m sure they aren’t happy nor will they donate anything else after seeing how poorly these were maintained.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m trying to work out where you’re located. Since I visit and comment regularly, I feel we might be close by. Are you in Michigan? Nevertheless I’m in Toronto, and looking at these pictures it this could be Canada. There are so many similar images here it’s uncanny.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. never been there, but as far as i am in my country i love what i see here, such amazing work of art here and your pictures are super sharp too. bravo and hopefully someday i get this experience first hand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My friend Susan took some nice pictures,did she not? And I respect you for loving your nation as well,Lex. I am only sorry that my country are stealing your resources and giving you nothing in return.


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