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Have Cheetah,Will View #45 – “Selfie”(2015)

It’s 1:30 am

The cheetah and I are back at it….been watching a whole slew of films this week…..including this brilliant short film by Geoff Harmer entitled “Selfie”.

Cell phones. They are everywhere and in fact there more cell phones then people on the planet. We use them in all aspects of our lives…ordering food,products,watching Netflix and of course,the either loved or loathed selfie.
In this film,a woman is at home watching TV and texting with her boyfriend. The boyfriend is trying to coax her into showing a little more with each picture. She does so but when her boyfriend asks “Who is that behind you”,what was a innocent flirtation turns into a night of fright and with each picture,the grip of fear becomes tighter and tighter….


Writer/director Harmer has packed a lot of thrills,chills and screams into a 6:50 long film.  While working in a such a tight confine of time,Harmer is able to convey both the woman’s flirty nature and the sudden tension when her boyfriend wants to know who is with her.
The dark music by Daniel Fallon really helps ratchet the suspense as well as with each picture and the woman’s terror grows,the music grow more tight,pushing the viewer up the stairs with the woman. DP Tom Allen shoots “Selfie” with a slight grainy look. I liked this but it had a just a little “lost footage” feel to it that I didn’t think really worked. This was happening in the now….not out in the woods and I think a slightly brighter look would have been more effective.
The visual effects weren’t the strongest but Harmer knows this and really stays away from providing a hard look until the last scene.
The actress who plays the woman is Stacy Hart and she does a fine job of realizing that her selfies are no longer a solo act. She does a nice job acting terrified and she has a impressive scream. One suspects Ms. Hart will or has gotten a lot of calls from horror film directors who will want that scream…

The cheetah and I both really enjoyed one quite a bit,in fact the cheetah’s tail got all fluffed out at the end,a sign of a good horror film!!! We give this a paws/thumbs up..


14 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #45 – “Selfie”(2015)

  1. It isn’t easy to creatr an engaging short film but Geoff Harmer did a bang up job. I got to 4:01 and turned it off…lol. I needed to take a break. The use of the selfie was clever.

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