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8 Questions with……UK actress Sharon Spink (updated)


    It’s 5:10 pm I’m sitting here tickled pink by the very nice feedback from the Christopher Toretto interview. So much so that I’m now moving the rest of my older interviews over here as well. As I was starting the process of moving Sharon Spink’s interview,she suddenly popped up on Facebook,taking this as a sign,I decided to catch up with her and see what she has been doing since we chatted. I found Sharon to be very charming and gracious of her time when she agreed to be interviewed by some random blogger from Michigan.  I know you will also enjoy getting to know Sharon.
The following is our quick chat…thanks for reading!!
So Sharon,how have things gone since we last chatted? Anything major happened in your career?

Yes I’ve joined a couple of fellow actors and created a production company (they do most of the stuff – I’m more admin/proofreader side), joined another group and started doing murder mystery nights to raise money for us to make a feature film next year and I’ve got onto Spotlight.

Murder Mystery nights are so much fun!! Spotlight is a big thing in the UK,isn’t it? Production company seems like a glamorous job but its a LOT of hard work and meetings,isn’t it?


Yeah the murder mystery nights are great, we’ve only done 1 so far but planning the next one very soon.

   Yes,Spotlight is the equivalent of IMDb and the place for actors to be seen for big castings here in the UK. As far as the production company goes,I let the boys do all the meetings and stuff!

I know those mystery dinners are a huge hit here in America…..and with the new Murder on the Orient Express coming out,interest will be high again… What is the name of your Production company and your Murder Mystery group?



Oooh yeah I’d heard about that. We’re hoping to do the next one at a hotel and incorporate it with a dinner. Last one was at a local church hall but got over 50 people there.

   Production company is One Take Productions & the murder mystery show is called The Mystery Show and is the idea of my friend Lucy Marshall.

How is the jewelry business? I hope you are still doing that,you make such beautiful pieces!

It’s ok and yes I’m still doing it but not doing as many events. Next one is 9th July and is a local big licorice festival and then I’m on the committee to help organise a big 3 day craft and food festival that’s happening in our village on Aug bank holiday weekend.

Below is the original “8 Questions with…….” interview I did with Sharon.

It’s 5:11 pm

And we’re back already!!! How about that? I know most of my “8 Questions with….” take a while a run but I am really going to try harder to make them a more regular blog feature. I know a lot of amazing people and I really do like sharing their stories,like with yet another very talented British actress,Sharon Spink.
Sharon was another of the artists who answered my “Does anyone want to be interviewed for my blog”? If you think about,it takes a act of faith to blindly say “Yes” to a blog that you haven’t even seen yet. So a huge thank you to the artists and anyone who dares to answers my 8 Questions…

Sharon Spink is a true marvel….she is a happily married mum of four,owns and operates her own business,is a counselor to moms who are breast feeding their babies and also is a aspiring actress. She makes a soccer mom here in the States look like a slacker as she dashes around caring for families,both hers and others as well. I got worn out just reading her interview answers.
I know you’re asking the same thing I did,”How does she do it”? Well let’s find out as I ask actress/business owner/counselor/mom that and more on this edition of 8 Questions with…..Sharon Spink!

Introduce yourself to us.

Hi, my name is Sharon Spink and I’m an actor with Northern Star Acting, based in Sherburn In Elmet, North Yorkshire.

What led you into becoming an actress? Who encouraged you in that direction?

A couple of years ago I did a number of TV interviews, talking about Natural Term Breastfeeding and really enjoyed them so thought about training as a TV presenter. However, my youngest two daughters were having acting lessons and when the academy started adult classes I went along to see what they were like and loved them. Eirian Cohen, who runs the academy is a fantastic teacher and is so encouraging, she makes the lessons so much fun that you don’t realise that you’re learning and pushing yourself further and further. She is my inspiration.


What are three things both good and maybe not so much fun, about going through the audition process?

I haven’t had an audition that wasn’t enjoyable, they have all been great fun; from cold reading to singing and learning a choreographed routine. I think that one has to have been the most fun so far. Everyone I have met at auditions has been so friendly and welcoming that it hasn’t felt like an audition. Also getting to work alongside some other great actors is always a pleasure. The downside to auditions is possibly the travelling; the majority of auditions are in London, somewhere I’ve yet to have to go to because there are some great opportunities in the North of England.


(The cast of “My Jewish Auntie”)

You completed your first film (My Jewish Auntie) recently, what was the experience like? How did you get your role and what did you learn from the shoot?

My role in My Jewish Auntie was as a non-speaking extra but it was great fun. My first speaking role, other than in a few student films, was playing Mrs Phoo, a not very pleasant teacher, in Misunderstood. This was not only part of my first assessment with Northern Star Acting but is also a TV pilot. I had so much fun on set and the kids in the scene were brilliant, so professional too. Learning how to be professional on set is vitally important to any actor and I have Eirian to thank for helping me through that, Eddie Bammeke was also a brilliant Director on that shoot too. It’s vitally important to be polite and courteous to everyone on set – we’re all there to get the job done regardless of the job you do and today’s runner could be tomorrow’s Director.

As a mother, how do you juggle being a small business owner, a counselor and a working actress? How do you prioritize your busy life?

This is always a tough one, as any working mum knows but I have a great husband who is so supportive, takes over the childcare when I can’t be there and giving up the car when I need to attend auditions, meaning he has to walk to the next village to get the train to work. I also have the advantage of not having a full-time job to fit in around the acting. This means that, when the girls are at school, I can spend my days learning lines, promoting myself or looking for roles, as well as keeping my jewelry business going. School holidays are a bit more challenging.



Speaking of small businesses, tell us the history of your business, Booby and The Beads. How did this venture come about?

Booby & The Beads was started back in 2009, after I had my fourth child. I needed something to keep her attention whilst breastfeeding and found nursing necklaces. Having seen the quality of the one I ordered, decided I could do better and so learnt how to make necklaces that were safe and durable enough for children to play with whilst breastfeeding. My range soon expanded to include reminder / medical ID bracelets and key rings and other beaded jewellery. I then learnt how to do wire wrapping and this is something I love and seems to be where the range is heading. My favourite materials to work with are sea glass and wire.

If one wanted to order some of your one-of-a-kind pieces, how can they do that?

They can order any item either by contacting me through my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BoobyandtheBeads/

or via my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BoobyandtheBeads

What led you to become a counselor for new mothers? How did that come about?

I had struggled to successfully breastfeed my first 3 children and so when I had my fourth child it was something I was determined to learn how to do. I found my local support group, in Selby and went along for a number of weeks, they were so helpful. The offer of training came up and so I jumped at the chance; I wanted to give something back to the group and to offer the same support to other mums, that I’d been given. A few months later I learned about the training that the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers’ offers and so decided to do their Breastfeeding Counselor training, I’m almost finished!


What do you like to do in your “down” time? That is, if you have any!! You are so busy!!

Family time is really important and so we do try and spend any spare time together. We love to go camping and try to get 2 or 3 trips in a year, depending on the weather. Evenings are generally spent watching films or programmes such as Game Of Throne

Where do you see yourself in 3 years in terms of your acting? Will you focus just on film or will you also include stage and TV work if it’s presented to you?

In 3 years’ time….. I’d love to be acting in a well-known TV series or doing some great feature films. Having just done a live performance of Lord Byron’s The Deformed Transformed recently and auditioned for a role at the West Yorkshire Playhouse then theatre is absolutely not ruled out either but film and TV is my main focus.

How has social media helped/hindered your career?

I love social media – Facebook is my favourite, however, it can be very distracting. It’s a great place for getting your name out there, looking for roles & networking too. I’ve secured a number of roles via Facebook. It’s also great for finding local actors / acting groups and linking up on some fab local projects. I tend to use Twitter for networking with other actors, casting directors, producers etc. and love tweeting about what’s going on in my career and also local events and breastfeeding information. I’ve not tried out Instagram yet but that might be next on the list.

To follow Sharon on her growing social media empire:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SharonSpinkActor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SharonSpinkAct

One Take Production’s FB page:   One Take Productions

The Mystery Show FB’s page:  The Mystery Show

Sharon’s Spotlight page : Sharon Spink



I like to thank Sharon again both for the original interview but also for the update.
Feel free to drop a comment below.






10 thoughts on “8 Questions with……UK actress Sharon Spink (updated)

  1. Another great interview. I love that she doesn’t sit idly by waiting for the next role to come along, and that she keeps herself busy with various hobbies and business ventures.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She’s wonderful! I don’t blame her for staying in the North. As someone who is originally from England (The Midlands to be exact) popping in and out of London is the best way to do it. She sounds like a marvel in all that she does and I welcome the chance to see her perform 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. an amazing woman she is, good i got to know a few about her which i never knew before now, this served more of an eye opener for me, sometimes we never know how strong and bold people are till we read their stories and know where they come from and how far they have also gone to be who they are now.

    Liked by 1 person

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