Have Cheetah,Will View #46 – “All Roads Lead To Rome”(2015)

It’s 11:58 pm

So there I was at my Family Video yet again- on the prowl for new movies to take a peek at. Normally I’m doing the 1.50 route but on this day,Family Video had some films that had lost their cases selling for .75 apiece!! That is even lower then Dollar Tree and Disc Replay.  So for that .75 cents,the cheetah and I are watch “All Roads Lead To Rome”.

allroads (10)

Sarah Jessica Parker plays Maggie,a single mom of a teen daughter named Summer (English actress Rosie Day). Rosie is in a bit of trouble because the scummy boyfriend she “loves” wants her to fall on the sword for him so he can avoid jail.
Maggie decides to take Summer to Italy until the court case is settled. Maggie shares with her uncaring daughter how she,Maggie,had spent two months in Italy 20 years ago.
Summer is aloof and angry at being taken on a European vacation and does nothing but pout and text her boyfriend.

When Maggie destroys Summer’s phone,all hopes of a peaceful vacation are over.
The two pull into the same cottage that Maggie had stayed in 20 years before and sees Luca,the same man she had met then. Luca and Maggie almost instantly connect with both sharing what their lives had become to some extent.
When Summer finds out her mom has broke her phone,she begins to plot a way to get home.  When Luca’s mother Carmen (Claudia Cardinale) tells Summer she’ll help if Summer takes her to Rome,they steal Luca’s car and away we go with Maggie and Luca chasing after them. Will Summer and Carmen bond? Will Maggie and Luca (Raoul Bova) rekindle their romance chasing down Summer and Carmen? Will Maggie and Summer make up as Mother and daughter? Will you even care?

Quite honestly,this movie was awful….full of tired tropes and bad acting. Sarah Jessica Parker tries waaaaay too hard to be cute,Rosie Day is so nasty and airheaded,you want to yell at Maggie to let her go home and ruin her life. Her Summer is all over the map and her emotionally immature behavior is a real turn off. SJP is supposed to be 40 but she looks 50 and it shows in her face. She looks sunburned and worn out.

Paz Vega is completely wasted a Italian TV reporter who supposedly has the hots for Luca and is portraying Summer as she really is,a spoiled American brat,in order to woe Luca. The fact there is ZERO chemistry between Vega’s Giulia and Luca (and Maggie as well) doesn’t help matters at all. Bova looks bored and wishes he was in another movie.
Cardinale,a huge international  movie star in the 60’s and 70’s  shines in her role as Carmen who has a secret of her own and must be in Rome.
While the Italian countryside is filmed beautifully,the sloppy direction by Ella Lemhagen and even worse script by Cindy Myers and Josh Appignanesi sink All Roads Lead To Rome.

The cheetah took the DVD and went to bury it next to this fellow stinker. Which is okay as the DVD had no special features,just a trailer.

This film is rated PG-13 for slightly salty language.

Let us know what you think. If you have seen this film and think the cheetah and I are way off,drop us a comment and state your case!!

16 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #46 – “All Roads Lead To Rome”(2015)

  1. While I always enjoy a film or series with beautiful landscapes, I think I might skip this one after reading your summary. It seems my time is better invested in watching many other ones you and the cheetah rated much better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! When the cheetah gets mad when we watch a bad film….I have to remind him that he pawed it out…well,except for the review of #Horror,I had help with that one….


  2. I was giddy with anticipation because I really like SJP. I couldn’t wait to read your review. As I read I thought this has the hallmarks of being something good. But alas this was not the case according to your review. I appreciate your review. That’s time I won’t be wasting on this film.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The only good thing about this film was it was only .75 cents in the bargain bin.
      What made you a SJP fan? I know Sex and the City launched her but was there anything else?


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