8 Questions with…….UK actress/screenwriter Nadia Chloe Rose

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Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with……”,an ongoing series in which I interview artists,mover and shakers and anyone who is interested in talking with me.
Today we are chatting with the very ambitious and hard working actress/screenwriter Nadia Chloe Rose. While Nadia lives in Norwich,UK,her heart wants to return to Spain where she attended university there.
Nadia and I met as I have my other recent interview subjects,in a UK acting group. When I asked if anyone wished to chat,she sent me a friend request and I’m glad she did.
Nadia has accomplished more in such a short period then most do in their lifetimes. A Master’s,speaks four languages,has traveled aboard,writes screenplays and still maintains a bright and bubbly spirit about. Nothing really seems to faze her,a mountain is just another obstacle for her to walk over.
As with all the other UK actors and actresses I have talked to,Nadia loves her country’s acting history and is proud to be part of it. The good news….her talent management company (I use that term very loosely) recent folded its tent and Nadia is currently looking for new representation. Take it from me,Nadia Chloe Rose would be a wise investment…..

And now come and meet another rising star in Nadia as she answers 8 Questions……



Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you.



I am an actress and screenwriter. I have also been working as a model which I find so much fun. I studied languages at University and speak fluent Spanish and French. I really enjoy using those language skills working as a professional interpreter and translating, French and Spanish into English. 
    I grew up in England but then moved out to Spain where I obtained a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting and a degree in Translation and Interpreting with French, Spanish, German and Russian.
  I have always loved languages. They broaden my world to connect with filmmakers all over the globe and greatly expand my horizon with my screenwriting as I am able to write about other cultures I have lived in.


You attended and got a Master’s Degree in Spain, how did you end up going there?


I went out to study Spanish in Seville when I was 18 and I immediately fell in love with the Spanish culture. Seville is like magic. It is my favorite city in the world and became the setting for the first feature film I wrote.  There is something there that is so inspiring, so deep and since I was there and enjoying it so much I didn’t want to come back so I stayed there for University.  

To get into University I had to do a Spanish proficiency test which was of a very high level so I completely immersed myself in the Spanish language and was delighted when I passed. Living in other countries has really opened my eyes to the beauty of the world and I reflect this in my screenwriting.


What two things about Spain did you like and dislike and why?



I love the people. I have so many fond memories of laughing and fantastic parties. I met so many amazing people there, not just Spanish people but also my best Italian friend Giuliana Tradori, people who have enriched my life so much.

I love the culture, which is so colourful and bright. It is a really sociable, fun life out there.  

I didn’t like the change in meal times because I would like to have supper at six and there no one eats till a lot later, so I just ate twice! Same with lunch!

Of course, the is without mentioning the weather, the weather is fantastic. I’m here in England now and just imagining it is making me want to jump on a plane and go back out to Spain!

   I am so in love with the Spanish culture I find It hard to find things I don’t like.


What led you to become an actress? Had you done any acting as a child?



I think I just started very young and really enjoyed it and it just kept growing from there. As a child I performed with theatre tours and then I kept landing roles in France and Spain with both languages which was great fun. In Spain I continued with Shakespeare tours playing Juliet and then appeared on a National Spanish Soap Opera.

Now in England my career has exploded into film, which was very sudden and I really didn’t expect it all to suddenly take off like this but it links amazingly well with my screenwriting as movies are my specialty when it comes to writing.

I have recently appeared in numerous films including Litany, The Perfect Gift, No more lights in the Sky, Soldiers of Embers, Motivation and Vows which is currently filming.
   I was also cast in the fantasy movie Hunters Hunted and Two wrongs set to be filmed in the UK.   Another role I have upcoming is playing “Jess Willows” in the second episode of the new comedy adventure series “The World According to AJ”. I love comedy so I am really excited about this role.  I find acting so much fun because it is so creative and when I’m on set I am always really happy.


Did you get a chance to act while attending university in Spain? If so, how did you overcome the language barrier?



I did and it was so much fun. By that time I was already fluent in Spanish so I just absolutely went for it.   I did a theatre play and just thinking about what it was like acting with Spanish actors still makes me smile even now, it is beautiful being able to act in another language.  
     I also got the part on the Spanish National Soap Opera when I was doing my Master’s degree. I still remember the day when I got the call to be on it. I was out with my friends and my whole world just stopped, I just had my eyes closed and it was a really emotional moment because I had fought for it more than I can describe with words. 


I see that you wrote a screenplay for a film called “Lifted”,I take it screenwriting is a passion of yours?




I always loved writing. As a child I was always writing and then I discovered the art of screenwriting and for me there was no going back. It comes so naturally to me, screenwriting is just something that flows.  
    I love screenwriting so much because it gives me a chance to express things I don’t have a chance to say in real life. In real life, I tend to remain silent and express a minimum and then in the screenwriting I get it all out of my system, it is like a flood of the emotions I have been holding back and it is such a release. For me, art is the most powerful form of expression of oneself.


What kind of stories do you like?



Love stories! Recently I have been getting increasingly cast in horror/thriller/action movies but I want to do a romance! The directors are all men and want to make those kind of movies but as a woman I want to see romance and well, that’s my favorite genre with my screenwriting.  
      It also depends on what mood I’m in. I am a natural fighter so when I am in fighter mode, I like watching and writing more action things like Taken. The romantic thriller I have written has lots of powerful fight scenes so I like writing stories with a strong hero character.


Between acting and modeling, when do you have time to write?



When you feel passionate about something like I do about screenwriting you find time. The great thing about screenwriting is that I can do it anywhere as I am moving around working.   I take my work very seriously and well, the last year has been intense completing two full-length feature films alongside everything else, but I’m such a determined person, when I want something I put up a big fight.

What do you like to do for fun when you are not working?


(Photo by Raul Galvez Daganzo)

Sport. I love sport and keeping fit. I go running every day and really enjoy swimming and dancing, I think sport is the key to breakthroughs because when you are feeling energized everything moves faster and you are a lot more powerful.
    I love listening to music and getting inspired for my future screenwriting. A lot of my inspiration comes from music, trying to catch a feeling from a song and reflect that in the screenplay I’m writing. When I was writing the romantic comedy, I had Coldplay playing, I’m a really deep romantic person and Coldplay inspires me a lot for my writing.

When you write, do you so from an actresses’ perspective or from a writer’s perspective?


Being an actress greatly enhances my screenwriting because it enables me to really get inside each character and see the scene through their eyes and connect to their wants and desires in that moment.  
    Of course, having studied screenwriting in such depth, I am always highly conscious when writing of all the screenwriting tips and tricks I have learnt over many years, so it is a combination of both perspectives.


What has been your best and worst film experience so far? What lessons did you take from the experiences?



The best experience has been being with the crew on each set, I feel so blessed to have met such amazing teams who have made the filming experiences unforgettable.
    The worst experience was trying to film a scene in which I get strangled. I was lying on my back on the floor and had my arms stuck up in the air and wasn’t quite sure how to die in such a manner so I ended up acting dead with my arms still reaching up in the air.

Then I realized that my arms should have flopped down if I was dead but as I was “dead” I couldn’t move! So I just lay there pretending to be dead with my arms sticking up in the air. It was really embarrassing but the other actors and the director thought it was hilarious.


What is one thing that no one knows about you but will be surprised at learning when they read this interview?



If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore would it? I would like to remain a mystery. (smile).


Thank you for taking the time to read our interview with Nadia.

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20 thoughts on “8 Questions with…….UK actress/screenwriter Nadia Chloe Rose

  1. What a lovely young woman. I had a chance to study Spain but turned it down. My dear friend, however, did study in Spain and the distractions were in abundance…lol. I’m impressed she was able to finish her studies without falling prey to the Spanish lifestyle of relaxing, eating and dancing 🙂

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    1. Spain does seem it would be a world of distractions…so many places to see and with Europe being so tightly bunched,you could visit so many other cultures as well….feast for the senses,bad for the GPA!!


  2. I can imagine being an actress and a screen writer really helps in being great in both fields. As you know what the other side is like. I would love to see one of her films. I must look out for her name.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is the one aspect of interviewing new talent from a different country,often their work isn’t available here in the States yet. But it does make looking for their a bit fun when looking at new movies from across the pond.


    1. I like watching UK programming when I can find it….its not easy anymore. The days of walking into a Best Buy or FYE and picking the latest shows are pretty much done. Now its strictly ordering online at much higher prices or hopefully finding something at a flea market/yard sale….


  3. Nice interview. Her answers were simple and sweet. I haven’t watched any of her films till now but would love to see her films someday.

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  4. What an interesting interview. It’s really nice to get inside the world of an actress and screenwriter. I love the story about dying with her arms up in the air – cute!

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  5. Being fluent in other languages is so amazing. I don’t really know how to describe it, but there’s a certain magic with being able to immerse yourself in another culture like that. Great interview!

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