Have Cheetah,Will View #58 – “Vesper” (2017)

It’s 9:55 pm night time Paladin was checking the HC,WV email and meowed at me to come into the den,seems like we got a new short film to take a look at! As any regular reader knows,we love the short film medium quite and have reviewed our fair share of them. It’s a good day […]

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Rockin’ the trail again

  22 July hot/humid Last Saturday saw me hit the trail again. A couple of weeks ago Susan and I had stretched out our walk to include the ITC Corridor which heads south towards the trails I blogged about here. We walked about 4.30 miles and it was at a good brisk pace. The pathways were […]

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Happy Birthday Lori

  My dearest Lori, Happy birthday to my you,my lovely wife. As always,you are my everything. While it has been over 4 years since you left this plane for a higher one,my love for you has not changed in any way. You are my light,my love,my soul and always will be. You made birthdays so […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #56 – “Hello,My Name is Doris” (2015)

It’s 3:02 pm stormy/overcast I first remember hearing about Stage 6/Sony’s “Hello,My Name Is Doris” when the film’s stars,Sally Field and Max Greenfield made a promo appearance on NBC’S “Today Show”. The story of a much older woman pursuing a much younger man seemed quite charming and very sweet. I thought Field and Greenfield made […]

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