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Have Cheetah,Will View #52 – “Her Best Friend’s Husband” (2002)

It’s 8:40 am

In 2013 after my wife passed away,I was in a fog. The house was empty and to help against that I would put on a movie on the BluRay player. I didn’t really care what was on,only that there was some sort of white noise going on. |
It was during this time that I first ran into a DVD sale at Dollar Tree. When I looked at the table where they had their selection,I didn’t look,I just bought a copy of every movie they had. I think the first time I bought 8 or 9 titles and I just stacked them up. Some of them I had yet to watch and “Her Best Friend’s Husband” was one of them. So when I came across this,I took another look at it and decided to watch it with the cheetah.
First off,we hated this film’s title. It reads like a bad romance novel when in fact the movie is far better then the title lends itself too.

“Her Best Friend’s Husband” stars Cheryl Ladd of Charlie’s Angel fame as Jane Thornton,who is being flown in to surprise her best friend Mandy Roberts (Bess Armstrong) for her birthday by Mandy’s husband Will (William R. Moses) and their daughter Kelly (Lindy Booth).

We find out that Jane is widowed,having lost her husband two years ago and is still mourning his death. Mandy and Will introduce Jame to a furniture designer friend of theirs,Eliot. Everything seems good until after the party when we see Mandy is very distant from Will despite his obvious love for Mandy.
Mandy tells Jane how unhappy she is in her marriage and we find out that Jane had gotten the two of them together in college after a brief romance with Will didn’t work.
Jane tries to encourage Mandy to work it out because its clear Will loves Mandy. But Mandy wants out and tells a shocked Will she wants a divorce which also badly affects Kelly.

After Mandy blows off Will during a planned tennis game,she tells Will to ask Jane to take her place,she no longer wants to pretend they are a “perfect couple”.
Jane and Will have a great game and caught up in celebrating,share a kiss which leads to much more…..and the fallout could be very costly for everyone.

First off,Bess Armstrong can play a mean bitch!! I mean that in a most complimentary way,her Mandy will have you looking for a way into your TV so you can throttle her selfish,cruel and self-centered throat! She only cares about herself and her family be damned,just as long as she gets what she wants. It’s a GREAT performance and despite her shallowness,her Mandy steals the show.

Which is a shame because it should have been Ladd’s Jane that should have been the one on fire. But Jane wants to please everyone and ends up looking very weak. Jane should have been the one with righteous anger about Mandy tossing her family away without a fight but instead writer Duane Poole’s screenplay of directer Jean Abounader’s story leaves Jane saying “Sorry” and “I didn’t mean for this to happen”. Armstrong simply overpowers Ladd in their big scenes together and that is more a credit to Bess then the script.

William R. Moses is also very good here as Will,a man who feels betrayed and rejected by Mandy and doesn’t know why his marriage is ending. Lindy Booth is cute and spunky as Kelly,one can see why she has gone on to have a great career.
I have to admit,this being a Lifetime movie from 15 years ago,I was surprised how much I got into this story. The cheetah definitely thought Cheryl Ladd looked amazing as Jane. Just wait til I show him some Charlie’s Angels…..

“Her Best Friend’s Husband” would be rated PG for viewing and has a run time of 91 minutes. The special features are thin,a trailer,a photo gallery,film credits and small bios of the three leads.

You can buy a copy on Amazon


13 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #52 – “Her Best Friend’s Husband” (2002)

    • It’s where a lot of movies I review have come from,so many I need to go back and actually WATCH instead of sitting in a fog which I did the first time through. Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. I’ve never heard of this film but you make me want to watch it! I agree that it sounds much better than the title suggests. I shall have to add this to my ‘must watch’ list


  2. This would be a film I would more than likely enjoy, the husband not so much. It’s a shame that the film title wasn’t better picked as that is always the first thing that grabs my attention. I think the character of Jane has an interesting background and it’s sad to see she is a widow, that must be hard for anyone

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  3. So sorry to hear about your loss and my mummy went through that fog you describe by escaping into film and fantasy. It sounds like you’ve watched a lot of films and its great to rediscover stories all over again x

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  4. ‘I have to admit,this being a Lifetime movie from 15 years ago,I was surprised how much I got into this story.’ – literally what I say after every Lifetime movie I’ve ever watched 😀

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