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Walking in Westland

It’s 12:53 pm

Looking outside at a beautiful day and getting ready to join it. Supposed to hook up with Romey but have a feeling he is still recovering from last weekend’s movie days and he might not be feeling the best.

He talked me into seeing the new “The Mummy” at the MJR Westland last Friday. I had no intention of seeing it based on the overwhelming bad reviews. I know that Universal/Comcast decided to revive their classic monsters and start a “Dark Universe” franchise like Marvel and Warner Brothers have done with their superheroes films. On paper,this would have seemed like a slam dunk….Tom Cruise,Russell Crowe and Courtney B. Vance in the first film would make a great lead-off but it just wasn’t very good. Russell Crowe was great as Dr. Jeckyl but that was it,the rest was just a CGI heavy chase scene and was pretty boring.
Afterwards we zipped over to the St. Vincent DePaul thrift store,Romey was looking for a picnic blanket and I checked out their small cinema section,it was pretty lackluster except for a factory sealed DVD of a movie called “Out Kold” with Ice-T and Kool Mo Dee. I showed Romey and he laughed,seems like he had picked up that movie for a buck at Walmart a long time ago but hadn’t watched it.

Now when Romey invited me over for Saturday movie day,I wasn’t expecting him to spring “Out Kold”on us. So when he turned on the TV and there it was…laughter ensued.
Wow,this movie was SOOOOOOO bad (but not Zombies vs. Bigfoot bad) we just laughed our asses off for 75 minutes. I believe even the boys at Mystery Science Theater would have been rendered speechless at how shitty “Out Kold” was.
It made for a fun Saturday for sure…..
Sunday saw a quiet day for the cheetah and myself. We just puttered around,Paladin has decided that the upstairs bathroom is the coolest place to sleep this summer. He curls up right next to the bathtub and its lights out.
walkforhealth logo2
Susan and I walked our nature loop again,we did a little exploring by checking out a trail up a hillside,seeing if we could get a little more muscle action for our legs. There was a trail but it wasn’t the most defined and had too many cracks in it. One could get hurt tripping over a ridge on the ground. So we passed on that but discovered hidden behind some trees was another 1/3 mile loop. The trail was laid out in mulch and wood chips and surrounded another patch of wetlands. The loop now is 2/3 miles long and is more of a challenge.
So last Sunday I headed out alone to hit the trail.  It was late in the afternoon on a very warm day. I took a bottle of water and hit the trail. As I crossed the small bridge,a old friend was once on the trail,the same turtle we had rescued before was sitting on the trailhead. I took a quick peek and saw that she was merely sunning herself this time.
I didn’t touch the turtle and headed off the trail,about 200 yards into it,I saw a runner and gave him a heads up. He nodded and kept going. I finished the first loop and as I started onto the 2nd one,the turtle was gone.
The trail was empty after that until I hit my last loop,I met Roland,a mixed breed dog who was really into walking. His tail wagged pretty hard as his owner said “hello”. He just wanted to go,go,go!!!
Rest of the week went by quickly,worked on two new “8 Questions With…..” interviews,and a couple of film reviews.
This past Friday saw Susan and I return to walking,we had originally meant to meet at Hines Park to walk but in a week where the weather supposed to thunderstorm all week but didn’t finally showed up on Friday. Susan mentioned we would have to walk 5 miles so she could get her 100 miles in for June.

We headed for Westland Mall,we had walked there once before and we knew the layout,its very small as malls go so we would have to walk a long time to hit 5 miles.
The first thing we noticed is Macy’s was now closed. Macy’s was the largest store by far at Westland Mall and the empty space there now is quite stark. What is sort of strange is there is a Sears there as well and if you had asked anyone which store would have been the first to close,Sears would have been the overwhelming first choice.
But as we walked past the empty Macys building….Sears is still open. I don’t know how its doing,I haven’t been in that store in years.  Foot traffic was very light as well….the weather may have been a small factor but I don’t think so. There were also 4-5 empty spaces as well,including Wet Seal,which shut down as company.
The environment wasn’t guest friendly as well….at least not in the food areas. Every single eatery had shut down their bathrooms for “repairs”,not even customers were welcome to use them. The whole vibe was a sour one except for one mall janitor who was very friendly and helpful.
Because it was so warm in the mall,we decided to head outside to cool down. At first it was so humid outside that I thought we would have to go back inside but then we caught a slight breeze amid a light rain and we decided to finish our walk outside.
We walked two huge circles around the mall,it felt like we had walked a long time but Susan’s walking app said we still need to walk more…it felt good to be outside,I know I rather walk outside then in the gym or a mall. We saw a few birds as we finished our walk….I knew we had walked more then five miles,I had walked three in 47 minutes and Susan’s app said we had been walking for an 1 hr and  40 mins.
When we finally hit the mark,we went back to the car and when Susan checked her pedometer,we indeed had walked 5 and a half miles. It felt pretty good and despite being so heavy,my legs felt good.
Of course yesterday my legs did not! They were pretty sore but I saddled up and headed to the nature loop. I parked further away from the main trail at Flodin Park as a lot families were there using the water play area. As I made my way to the trail,I made a discovery I hadn’t noticed before,the Canton library had put a mini book kiosk in the park. You see them in big cities but this was first time I had something like this in a smaller town. I took a peek and sure enough,there were books inside. Now while I don’t need any books,I know I now can drop off any book I finish reading right away instead of watching them build up.
Walked across the bridge but no turtle,there was a lot more activity then I usually see including two bicyclists. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t animal action! The mulch trail doesn’t get nearly the action that the main dirt one does. I just don’t think people even know its there! I have only seen two people besides me walk on it. As I walking my first loop,I turned a corner and a huge rabbit froze on the trail,I did as well….we looked at each other and then like that,it was gone in the brush. I kept going,lots of robins were flying around and chirping,it made for a pleasant sound. Which was good because my legs were sore! I knew this would be no 47 minute scamper on this day!

On the second loop,same corner…..same rabbit,same reaction. I looked to see what he was looking at but I didn’t see anything so off I went and I didn’t see him again.
But when I finished,I did meet Frankie,a chunky pug-mixed breed who was taking her folks for a walk. Her folks were nice people who were heading to the trail….
Today was supposed to be my first day of lifting but my buddy couldn’t make it. That being said I decided to go out for a quick lunch and poke around some stores. As I made my way out of my sub-division,I stopped at the light before turning left. As I sat there,a small black and white dog came running down in the right hand lane with a car trying to catch up. I turned right,hit my emergency lights and joined the pursuit. (That sounds bad ass,doesn’t it?) I drove in the turn lane and caught up to the first chase car,I assumed it was the dog’s owner and wanted to get the dog’s name.

lost dog

The dog stayed in the right lane but as we were approaching a major intersection,I sped up and passed the dog. I pulled into a church parking lot and jumped out saying “If I only had the cheetah here,this would be over already”. I tried calling the dog but turned into the parking lot,which was good because it was out of traffic and away from the intersection.
A orange car,the third chase car by now pulled into the church lot and continued the pursuit. By the time I pulled up to the couple in the car,the dog had escaped into a small woods which also had another sub-division. We had struck out but the dog was off the road and once it settled down,maybe it would find its way home.


Well I wrote myself out…..don’t know who will read such a entry but its what I had inside me.

Wanted to share my buddy Dan of Reject Filmz who ventured to the Days of the Dead (all things Romero related) convention in Indianapolis. He loves all things horror and even though he resists the cheetah and my attempt to deprogram him Rob Zombie films,Dan is a class act and one of our favorite YouTubers. Please help Dan hit the 500 subscriber mark by going to his channel and tell him the cheetah sent you in the comment box.


Shout Outs

Rick P. – You’re doing as well as to be expected.  The melatonin will help.
Christopher G. – Wishing you and Alysia the very best. You’ll be in our prayers
Coach Creighton – Your extension is well deserved,2017 is going to a great year for you. Your social media team is amazing!! You guys are doing it right!!
Denise V. – What a wonderful picture of Ruuxa the cheetah!!!
Lisa O and Dave V. – Can’t wait for to see what you have to say!
Matt Nelson – Thank you for not forgetting me!
The Lost World Team- for your continued support!!
Crazy 4 Blogging – Also,thank you for your lovely comments!!
Fruit Juice- A brother does his best.
Bobby LePire – Thanks for the shout out in your #Horror review!!
Jess – Please don’t stop writing.
Slade Wilson- Please START writing….
Happy 4th of July everyone.


7 thoughts on “Walking in Westland

  1. Ok. This was such an interesting article to read!
    I am amazed and happy that you met the same turtle that you had rescued. It probably came to say ‘Thank you!’ 😁
    Walking is so good for health and when you can catch up with furry friends like dog, rabbit or a few birds; it gets even more exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First I can’t stand Tom Cruise, sorry everything about him bothers me. lol@out kold, it’s funny some singers turn out to be really good actors like ludakris and then you know with some it’s just the name bringing in the money. Walking is my jam since I can’t run anymore nothing clears your head like a good walk.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, I wondered if that turtle would show itself again and it did. As I’ve mentioned seeing scary movies is not my cup of tea, but like you I’ve heard the revues for The Mummy Film were terrible. Sometimes you should end on a high note and let films become a cult favourite.

    Liked by 1 person

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