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I Sing – Whitney Avalon & Jonathan Hurley “Going Down the Rabbit Hole” (Live)

It’s 12:55 am

When I was growing up I used to love to listen to the radio. I remember listening to the CBS Mystery Theater hosted by E.G. Marshall. That show sparked my love for quirky radio and when I moved to Southern California,I not only listened to the Mystery Theater but I also discovered “The Dr. Demento Show” on Sunday nights.

Dr. Demento was so much fun….he would play a lot of cool comedy records and songs during 3 hour show. He would also play plenty of novelty songs,old blues and jazz records and once in a rare while have a guest on.
But what everyone tuned in for was the weekly Top 10,where very best songs would be played based on people calling in to the show. True novelty records seemed to have faded with the rise of the internet and shows like Dr. Demento also went the way of the 8 track tape.

YouTube would seem like the perfect place to crank out some good parody/novelty acts and songs. But actually,while we get some awesome content like Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter of Epic Rap Battles,they don’t do true comedy/novelty songs. Not only that but the lyrics would have never fit the Dr. Demento show because of the language.
Whitney Avalon happens to be very well known for her own rap battle series,Princess Rap Battles,where she and a guest dress up like movie/book characters who are female and go at it. I first PRB back in 2013 and thought they were clever and extremely well done. Her Mary Poppins is amazing,btw and I may cover those tunes in a different entry.

But its her comedy/novelty songs that make Whitney stand out. She has a really great voice and a good sense for smart lyrics. In “Going Down the Rabbit Hole” she sings about the perils of becoming too wired to the Internet and how time can slip away from someone,even when they know better.
She sings on how easy it is to be distracted by just about anything,kittens,Amazon and even “Chairman Mao”. She should be sleeping for her job but with each passing page view,her time slips through her fingers….its a smart and timeless warning in today’s world about being careful of who controls you.

“Going Down the Rabbit Hole”
(lyrics by Whitney Avalon & Jonathan Hurley)
Well, it’s 9 pm and I’m on the net / It’s early – I’m not even tired yet / Don’t have to wake up till 8 in the morning / My inbox dings: new message warning / It’s a cute video / Of a newborn kitten playing in snow / I click ‘related videos’ and bless my soul / I’m going down the rabbit hole

Now it’s midnight, I’m still sitting here / With an aching wrist and a half-numb rear / I’ll get eight hours if I quit right now / Then I see a wiki article on Chairman Mao / Endless knowledge on the docket / Hey, here’s the history of the Hot Pocket / I just keep a-reading and bless my soul / I’m going down the rabbit hole

I understand that logically
This information’s not helping me
Don’t need to search obscure hashtags
Or read all these humblebrags

Well, it’s 3 am, I’m starting to yawn / still I make my way to Amazon / If I buy six cheese graters and a kindle / My bank account is gonna dwindle / Keep placing items in my cart / Then delete them all for a fresh start / I add to my wishlist and bless my soul / I’m going down the rabbit hole

Tell you true this ain’t no fiction
The internet is my addiction
My own damn fault I’m glued to this screen
There’s just so much I haven’t seen

Oh, it’s 6 am and still I stare / Sitting awkwardly in my underwear / I’ll barely get any sleep at all / I have caused my own downfall / My eyes are dry, my neck’s a wreck / I swear I’m gonna turn this off in just one sec / I take a peek at Facebook and bless my soul / I take a peek at Reddit and bless my soul / I take a peek at Instagram / I take a peek at eBay / and I take a peek at TV Tropes and bless my soul / I’m going down the rabbit hole.


To find out more about Whitney

Her YouTube Channel
Her personal page can found by clicking here
Her Twitter



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