Have Cheetah,Will View #53 “PSA Marathon”

It’s 1:01 pm

I love Public Service Announcements,always have. They used scare the poo out of me growing up but as I got older,I started seeing just how damned effective they could be.
The most jarring ads have come a group called “Partnership For A Drug Free America“.
They have created some of the most powerful ads in the industry and while many may mock them,the fact they are rooted in medical facts only drives them home harder.
The PSA for the Montana Meth Project are relatively new but they have made a critical impact among the young people in the state,the ads are scary as blazes as they show just quickly addiction can set in and what a user’s future will most likely look like.
Famed Hollywood director Darren Aronofsky,who directed the powerful and heartbreaking “Requiem For A Dream”,directed several ads for the Montana Meth Project as a way to raise awareness.

I know people say they are propaganda but our jails and graveyards are full of people of all ages who thought that way and decided to use narcotics and never got clean….growing up,I saw my fair share of friends who died or wished they had because they decided use drugs and ended up dead or in prison. I have never done drugs in my life and I think these ads had a small role in helping me,even if I didn’t realize it at the time.
There are a few folks on YouTube who have gathered several types of PSA’s from around the world….drugs,drinking while driving,work place safety,smoking,etc.  I thought I would share some of the best of these compilations or even single ads.
This compilation is strong and very good. There are a few ads that are very hard to watch but anyone who has a child or a teen…..I think this might be a worthy investment of time.


There are some clunkers in here as well but you can overlook that by remembering the message that is trying to be shared.


The cheetah and I both give this compilation a big thumbs/paws up.


If you have any thoughts on these type of ads,please drop a comment below and share your thoughts on this compilation or PSAs in general.  Thanks for reading.

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