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Doing the Right Thing (revisited)

It’s 3:01 pm

Another peek back at an earlier post from 5 years ago. It was at this time that Lori and I had our “eye of the hurricane” moment as she went into remission for about 3 months. Life seemed normal for just a while,we started feeling hopeful. We started doing house projects and celebrated Lori’s birthday later on that month.
I was in my first summer working with the Home Depot and our great manager,Howard Campbell. After I broke up that tussle and saw that Howard was watching,I really thought I could be fired. Home Depot has a strict policy about not attempting to stop shoplifting except by Loss Prevention people. But he wasn’t upset at all and was very supportive of what I did.
While Derek Jeter never really got over fireworks,he was fearless when it came to thunderstorms and his nemesis,the vacuum cleaner.
The patio table eventually rusted out and I tossed it earlier this year.
My stack of books is a little smaller as I have really been reading quite a bit this year. In fact I would I have added a few books as I have collected a few Lee Child “Jack Reacher” books.  Child knows his way around a great story and I’m both enjoying these books and also a little scared about what Child says about the state of this country.


6 July 12
Its 3:21 pm

Its blistering hot once again,we have had rain 3 times this week but right after the storms roll out then oppressive heat moves right back in…

First off…..the great news. Lori’s check up was perfect…..nary a peep of cancer was seen in her lab work or exam. This is just beyond great….we see Dr. Johnston in 3 months,get a PT Scan and then her chemo port can be removed. Time to move onward and forward,right?

How was the 4th of July for everyone? It was a good day here….we built the brand new patio table,I destroyed yet another yellowjacket nest without getting stung and did some light housekeeping.
We are cat sitting for our friends again while they take a trip up north. And as usual,Autumn the cat was as shy as ever. I cleaned the cat box and fed the turtle while Lori fed and watered the cat. We made sure we left the radio on and then headed out to do our errands.
Stopped by a Dollar Tree in Belleville to look for containers for a idea Lori saw on Pinterest. We had picked up some at a larger Dollar Tree to help keep our upstairs freezer neat and organized. It worked very well so we went to our local store but they didn’t carry them. So that brought us to the DT in Belleville.
Store was pretty poppin’ for the 4th…we found our containers and went on our way.
We then returned the huge planter we bought about 3 weeks ago,Lori ended up not liking it as much as she thought. We hadn’t used it as of yet so it was a easy return at the Wal-Mart where we had bought it.

Ended up doing a little of shopping as well,people were shopping for BBQs and grills. Lot of hot dogs,brats, and hamburgers being sold.
It was nice to see everyone smiling and laughing while they shopped. We went home and brought in the new patio table inside and put it together.
While we were doing that I told her about the incident at my job the day before.
It was around 12:30ish on the 3rd….I just had helped a guest load up about 600 pounds of cement in their car and was headed back in….one of my co-workers was eating lunch and talking with a friend outside. Suddenly she looks to the left,looks to the store and then stands up. I’m about 50-60 yards from her but I can tell by her body language that something was wrong…I added a little more speed to my step and came around the corner and looked where she was. I was stunned….two grown men were squaring off at the other side of our store. You could hear the profanity being tossed about and both men were getting louder.
Its about 93 degrees now…and I guess I was only surprised that we hadn’t seen this kind of tempers flaring up as of yet. I quick stepped down there,a white guy was arguing with an Middle Eastern man,the Middle Eastern guy had parked to get supplies but had blocked off (by accident)the other guy’s truck. So what was a unintended action now had two grown men about ready to throw blows.
I walked in-between them,put my arm around the Middle Eastern man,introduced myself and offered him a handshake. I knew what he was angry about,the white guy was mocking his accent. I steered him away and back to his truck,talking to him,asking him what happened. The white guy kept on barking and I turned and pointed at him “Leave it alone” I told him twice.
The guy I was with was named Jim. I calmed Jim down and explained that two professional contractors didn’t need to act like that. He was very sorry and calmed down quickly. I then walked back to the white guy and I was a little less kind with him….I said “When I am getting him calmed down and you keep pushing his buttons,you have now become the problem.”


He also got a little sheepish but was still mad because the other guy had spit on him. I dunno,I might be inclined to toss a loogie at your racist ass if you are yelling “Fuck You!!” and making fun of my accent.
Now while I’m breaking this up….I see our store manager watching and I go,”oh shit”. Afterwards…I walk up and told him I was sorry,the store policy is safety first and I wasn’t sure if I had crossed the line.
He just shook his head and “No,no….that was great. Where did you learn how to defuse situations like that at”? I said “Marsugi’s…San Jose,California” and laughed.

But isn’t that something? That you could get into trouble by doing the right thing? Like what happened to this lifeguard?


Florida lifeguard Tomas Lopez was fired after he tried to save a man’s life — an example of how a company’s fear of liability can sometimes make waves and backfire.

Lopez, 21, was hired by Jeff Ellis Management to monitor a portion of a public beach in Hallandale Beach, Fla. The company allegedly gave Lopez strict instructions to stay inside his patrol zone, ABC News reports.

But when Lopez spotted a man in distress outside his patrol zone Monday afternoon, he ignored those instructions and leapt into action.
By the time lifeguard Tomas Lopez got to the man, other bystanders had already pulled him to shore, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports. Lopez stayed with the man until paramedics arrived.
That valiant act was Lopez’s last as a lifeguard, as his employer fired him for straying 1,500 feet outside his patrol zone. The man Lopez tried to rescue was in an area where swimmers are advised to swim at their own risk, the Sun Sentinel reports.
“We have liability issues and [lifeguards] can’t go out of the protected area,” Lopez’s ex-supervisor told the Sun Sentinel. Jeff Ellis Management could possibly have been sued had Lopez’s rescue attempt gone wrong, the company said.
In general, a person has no legal duty to rescue a victim in distress, unless a special relationship exists. Such a duty can be established when a lifeguard is contracted to patrol a specific beach.
But if a Good Samaritan fails to exercise reasonable care during a rescue and makes things worse, he can potentially be held liable for damages. That liability may be imposed on an employer, if the Good Samaritan’s actions were within the scope of his job duties.
After a national outcry over lifeguard Tomas Lopez’s firing, Jeff Ellis Management is now offering Lopez his job back, ABC News reports. But Lopez has turned down the offer, saying he won’t rescue the company from drowning in a public-relations disaster created by its own liability policy.
Seriously,has it come to that? That we may not act to save a life,help out to solve a problem,break up a fight because we might be held liable and even lose our jobs? Instead of feeling good about getting involved,my first reaction was “Did I go too far”? That should never be the case,should it?
In posting this older entry,I took a peek at how this story ended and indeed Lopez was treated like the hero he was by a grateful city who stood by him during this episode.



  We finished our table and took it back outside. I grilled up some steaks,Lori made the sides and the tea…I went and set the table. We had a lovely dinner and then cleaned up the kitchen and watched TV. The fireworks started at about 8 pm. I took Derek upstairs because he is afraid of the loud noises. Snacks on the other hand,just laid by Lori and slept through them.
  Michigan has legalized the selling of fireworks and while that is okay…I don’t think with the high heat,setting off bottle rockets was the best idea,at least 5 houses were hit and burned by fireworks in our area. Its something to be aware of….but with more and more cities cancelling their fireworks show,families doing their  thing is now becoming the norm.


As so many of you know,I love to read….in fact I’m wrapping up yet another book called “The 10th Fan” which details Major League Baseball courting of the baseball fan. One down,100 more to go,right?
Lori doesn’t like to read much in the way of novels and such. She loves art books,travel books and cookbooks but when it comes to reading a James Patterson book or a Andrew Vachss book,ehhh,not going to happen. She did read the two Dan Brown books, “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”. I bought her “The Lost Symbol”but that one has been gathering dust and acting as a bookend to about 20 unread books on my list.
Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw Lori was reading Lisa Ann Walter’s book “The Best Thing About My Ass Is Its Behind Me.



Not a bad book to pick up to read to say the least….its a very entertaining book and one I hope you all get a chance to read.

My next blog entry will feature a new interview with  super cool handbag designer Evon Cassier. Been waiting for her to get a chance to finish it and send it back. Well it has arrived and now I’ll be so tickled to introduce Evon and her amazing creations to you all….

That is all I got for now…..thank you for reading this and hope you’ll tell a friend/leave a comment!


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