Happy Birthday Lori


My dearest Lori,

Happy birthday to my you,my lovely wife. As always,you are my everything. While it has been over 4 years since you left this plane for a higher one,my love for you has not changed in any way. You are my light,my love,my soul and always will be.
You made birthdays so special….and I always had so much fun trying to surprise you with an unexpected adventure or dinner. To see you smile and hear your laughter was always the reason everyday in some ways was always like a birthday.
You would have been 58 today….but always timeless and ageless to me. I often lie awake at night and sometimes during the day and replay the moment we first “met”. How cool it was finding out you bought a computer just so you could find me online. You made me feel loved even if I was a little damaged from life. You had faith where many would have shied away. And I just was just so amazed someone as smart and beautiful as you wanted me as much as I wanted you….so many good times. You know you are doing love right when you can face a monster like cancer and despite it,never lose your sweetness and your gentleness,that we both loved each other unconditionally and to the end and beyond.
I will celebrate your day with tears,memories,longing,desire,admiration,respect,awe,kindness,hope and thankfulness.
And while I do struggle with the cruelness in which God took from me,I am doing my best to thank him for letting me share a priceless period of time with you and for showing me what is to come when its my turn to come home to you again.

I love you,Kitty.


Your husband always and forever (plus 1)


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lori

  1. Beautifully written Michael. Made me cry. Lori was one lucky lady to have had you. Please keep the faith that you will be reunited one day.

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  2. Beautifully written Michael!
    I will never forget the day Lori called asking if I could come over. As we talked Lori said “I waited all my life for Michael.”
    Whenever the three of us were together I saw the love between the two of you.
    I was blessed to have Lori as a friend. Our last shopping trip Lori was in a wheelchair. Special memory❤️

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