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Have Cheetah,Will View #57 – “The Unspoken”(2015)

It’s 12:21 pm

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and in her memory,I watched one of her favorite movies,”The Sound of Music” with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Of course the movie was wonderful but it also left me feeling sad.
I went downstairs to put the DVD back and Paladin came down with me. I put the DVD in the proper place and started to head back up but the cheetah chuffed at me and was pawing the Family Video bag.  The store in Wayne had a 5 movies for 5 bucks sale and I had picked up 5 new titles. So I went over and laid out the 5 movies and let him pick one.
He picked “The Unspoken”.

I also picked up “The Unspoken” as a blind buy. This indie movie has a pretty strong cast in horror scream queen Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill), one of my favorite character actors Lochlyn Munro and the always terrific Neal McDonough. What looked like a typical normal low budget horror film suddenly got our attention.

The movie opens in 1997 when a police officer responds to a home on Briar Street.
The cop is highly nervous as he sees a car packed and with a running motor but with no sign of anyone. He draws his weapon,calls for back up and bravely heads inside.
As he enters,he sees signs of a struggle including a bloody Bible on a table. He announces himself and hears various noises,He is scared enough that he drops his gun…
As he picks it up and asking if anyone is there,the lights start flickering,freaking him out even more.
He advances forward when suddenly a woman runs out the back,screaming. Before the cop can react,a dead body drops hanging in from the cop…not only is the body is hanging,his wrists are cut and he is a priest.
The police swarm the house but the family has vanished into thin air….


17 years later a single mother named Jeanie and her son Adrian are moving into the house despite the fact no one has set foot in the house since that night because of its haunted reputation. A handy man and a housekeeper are helping the young family move in.
Angela (Ferland) lives with her widowed dad in a small house. Father and daughter are close but they they struggling because Angela’s dad hasn’t worked into two months. When her boss at Angela’s daycare job gives her a lead about helping take care of a 9 year old,she takes it.

When she starts outs to the Briar House,Angela meets a group townies led by Luther. Its suggested that Angela is in a relationship with Pandy,a girl has started to hang with Luthor. Luthor has a dangerous reputation for shady doings and when he finds where Angela’s new job is,he gets very worried because he also has a secret,a secret he is willing to kill for…
Angela meets Jeanie and Adrian and we learn that Adrian hasn’t said a word in two years,not since his dad has died. Jeanie points out that Adrian likes to hide but after Angela rescues Adrian from the shifty handyman,the two bond.
When the handyman is killed shortly afterwards…..is Briar House truly cursed by some ancient evil? Secrets will be exposed in the most unexpected ways in “The Unspoken”…..

I like to tell you this horror movie is a awesome ride into being scared but writer/director Sheldon Wilson has decided to do something weird which sinks his story,he tosses in a sci-fi ending in “The Unspoken”. His story didn’t need this “twist” ending. While Adrian and his special ability is solved rather quickly,the connection between Adrian and Angela should have been explored further.
The level of viciousness of Luther and his little gang was unexpectedly high and not rooted in reality. I can understand his need to get into the house but asking us to believe they were willing to murder for it was a bit too much.
I will say that the effects in “The Unspoken” were pretty cool….Wilson came up with a couple of nifty tricks,Caitlin Groves did a great job in ramping up the scares and suspense with her make-up effects.

The cast did a nice job even if McDonough and Munro don’t get a lot of screen time. Ferland does a nice job of being terrified yet hanging tough in situations where 99% of the people in Angela’s shoes would have bolted.
Sunny Suljic doesn’t say a word as Adrian but his facial expressions convey exactly what he is feeling,its quite a performance for such a young talent.
Wilson’s direction is firm and he handles a skilled cast with a deft touch. I just wish he would have elevated this story just a little more and had used Munro and McDonough a little more….

So did the cheetah and I like this one? We did until the last 10 minutes,then that unwanted twist really left a blah taste in our mouths. Almost a good movie….almost.

The cheetah gave a paws down while I gave this a shaky thumbs up based Ferland’s performance and Caitlin Groves great effects.

The Unspoken is unrated but should be considered a “R” rating and its run time is 96 minutes.

Unfortunately there are no special features on this Anchor Bay DVD release. You can purchase “The Unspoken” at the Anchor Bay website.

Feel free to drop a comment below! If you have watched “The Unspoken”,tell us what you thought of it.


24 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #57 – “The Unspoken”(2015)

  1. Oh heck, I do hate it when the writers go a little overboard with the twists. I know exactly what you mean, twists can either feel like something you missed the whole way through or just something random that the writers thought of cause they couldn’t think of a structured end. However I have to say this sounds better than The Dead Room haha!

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  2. I am not really a fan of horrors, they do scare me and I can’t manage to sleep afterwards because of nightmares. I didn’t hear about this movie before but I would rather watch The Sound of Music than this one, even if it’s good 🙂

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  3. Shame it wasn’t a complete winner for you especially as from your description at the start it has all the makings for a great film


  4. I can’t say I’ve watched this and after reading this review I’m not one but sorry!! I really dislike when a film has a twist at the end that’s really unusual and out of nowhere so this probably wouldn’t be my cup of tea!

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  5. I really hate it when the final twist lets a movie down… If you’re going to do a twist, think it through and make it worth the runtime!

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  6. I’m a huge fan of horror films, but this one doesn’t sound like my cup of tea sadly! My other half would probably enjoy it (he enjoys twists and turns at the end) but unless it is part of say a trilogy, I like the end to round off nicely. The ending to the first Saw film was brilliant and so cleverly written.

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  7. Sounds interesting. I have been getting into creepy films lately. I’m not sure about the sci-fi twist at the end though….


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