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Rockin’ the trail again


22 July

Last Saturday saw me hit the trail again. A couple of weeks ago Susan and I had stretched out our walk to include the ITC Corridor which heads south towards the trails I blogged about here.
We walked about 4.30 miles and it was at a good brisk pace. The pathways were wide and shaded for large part of the walk. While we saw a few people,we didn’t see any animals on this trip.
But last Saturday I decided I would walk that route solo,I grabbed a water and off I went. The day was really warm by the time I hit the trailhead,there was talk of thunderstorms so I kept one eye on the sky and one eye on the path.
As I came to the fork that would lead me to the ITC Corridor,I saw this rock on a road post. I picked it up and saw it has been painted and sealed with the “Be Kind” message. When I turned it over,I saw a little paper note which said the maker was part of a group who paints and puts these rocks all over. When you find a rock,you are supposed to take a picture,post it on social media and either keep it or replant it somewhere.
So I kept mine so I could write about it and get a picture of it before I replant it.
I went ahead and did my walk and it was a blistering hot day….I made good time on the front leg but I was getting a bit tuckered at the end. I caught my second wind and finished my walk.

Now as anyone on Facebook knows,FB is always pushing Groups,Pages and people that they want you to know about. I have joined many groups that way because of my interest in writing.  Pretty much every other group I ignore. So you can imagine my surprise when “Westland Rocks!” popped up on my screen. Its a group that supports painting and placing small painted rocks with a positive message. I guess this has become a fun trend (which sure as hell beats those stupid fidget spinners) around our area and young kids are really into finding the rocks.
But everyone is taking part as the Westland Police Department shared a nicely painted rock that showed support for police on their social media page.
This sort of reminds me of a easter egg hunt…..if I find anymore of these on our journeys,I’ll be sure to post them on here…..


Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.  Love hearing from you folks.  If you have found a rock like this,share your story.

One thought on “Rockin’ the trail again

  1. What a fun thing to do.
    My granddaughter and her friend Painted some rocks before heading into the park in the middle of Plymouth. They have already found rocks and posted them the the web site.

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