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Have Cheetah,Will View #58 – “Vesper” (2017)

It’s 9:55 pm
night time

Paladin was checking the HC,WV email and meowed at me to come into the den,seems like we got a new short film to take a look at! As any regular reader knows,we love the short film medium quite and have reviewed our fair share of them. It’s a good day when we get a chance to be amazed by some fresh talent and great films.


“Vesper” is a French short film directed by newcomer Keyvan Sheikhalishahi and its a ball of mystery with a couple of strayed strings.

The film opens with a beautiful woman named Marge Ofenbey (Agnes Godey) in a voiceover commenting that she hasn’t slept for months as the camera pans into a night full of bright stars.
Marge wakes up with a sudden rush and gets up. As she walks down the stairs,she turns and tells a man that she told him never to ever come back. The man has a small smile on his face as he watches her goes down the stairs. Its when Marge goes to shut the windows and the man is there as well that you know “Vesper” isn’t going to be a normal tale…
Marge shuts the window with the man left outside looking in…and turns to see her nephew Christian sitting in a chair,he has flown in from Finland to help Marge with her problem. They make small talk and Christian then asks Marge why she moved where she did. It implies that was her old city where she once lived at. But with this mysterious man chasing her,why return to a place he would know as well?
Because the man in question is Walter,Marge’s husband and he is pursuing her relentlessly,she says Walter is sending her letters and forbidding her from going to the police. Marge is basically a prisoner in her own home.

When Christian asks if Marge is sure its Walter stalking her,she shows him letters supposedly from Walter. She apologizes for sharing the letters and Christian in turn tries to lighten up the mood by showing Marge some pictures.
When Walter walks up from behind and asks to see them and Christian doesn’t blink a eye….everything get completely turned upside down and has been for a long time?
But why? Why is Marge being targeted in such a fashion and how is Christian involved?
The clues are there but will Marge find them in time or will Walter have further tricks up his sleeves?

“Vesper”,which means “Evening star” isn’t a bad film. It’s very effectively cast with Godey and Gotz Otto as Walter, two leads have a lot of chemistry and sexual tension between them and it is clearly seen their interactions together.
Sheikhalishahi plays Christian and he is the weak point here in terms of acting,he was far too restrained and showed hardly emotion when his Aunt was telling him what was going on.  He seem very detached and remote.
I really wanted this to work but when you blow your ending a mere 3 minutes into the movie,all you are reduced to is waiting for the big reveal. You know the story,just not how it got there. When the story is a bit of a old one (Nehemiah Persoff in the classic Twilight Zone episode “Judgement Night‘ comes to mind) you want to save the surprise until the very last moment.
It’s a simple mistake in Keyvan’s screenplay and one he’ll go on to correct as he gets more comfortable behind the camera.

The other thing that bothered me was the poor lighting in the house,it was so dark and murky in places,it was hard to see exactly was going on. Plus,when you have a leading lady like Agnes Godey,you want a LOT of light because she is so interesting to watch…but then again I think it was brilliant casting as well!! Small growing pains but there is enough here to highly recommend keeping a sharp eye on Mr. Sheikhalishahi as I feel he is destined for greater things in his film making future.

The film is subtitled in English and would be rated “PG-13”.
Run time is 23 minutes.


The cheetah and I both spotting fresh new talent and in “Vesper” we both agree Keyvan Sheikhalishahi is one to watch.  We both gave “Vesper” a thumb/paw up.

16 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #58 – “Vesper” (2017)

  1. Very interesting sounding short film, it’s a good thing you didn’t find too much wrong with it in general. It’s nice to watch foreign films from time to time in my opinion.

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  2. I love a good short film but I agree, if the plot is given away in 3 mins…you are spending 20 mins waiting to get to a conclusion you already know! And yes, I hate it when a film is so dark you cannot see what is happening too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

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    • Good point,Sarah….the old serials of the 30’s and 40’s were like that…30 minutes and then a cliffhanger until next week! In these cases,its more like what will the director come up with in terms of a fresh story….will their skills be improved?


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