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8 Questions with………UK actress Wiktoria Wabnyc

It’s 12:13 pm

Welcome back to another edition of “8 Questions With……”.
I like to say “thank you” for everyone who came out and supported the interview with “Puppet Killer” director Lisa Ovies! Definitely one of the most fun and talented artists I have had the good fortune to chat with!
I’m headed back across the Pond once again to introduce you to another bright  and talented British actress,Wictoria Wabnyc. This young artist has been working all over the place,features,short films and a medium that is close to my heart,radio!!
She has a flair for drawing,can shoot the wings off a bee and isn’t afraid of working hard to achieve her goals. Oh….and she loves cats,always a big plus here on the blog.

Basically,someone who I would hope would answers some questions and lucky for us,Wiktoria was able to take a break and do just that.
So sit back,take a sip from a cold drink and watch the very sweet Wiktoria Wabnyc as she answers 8 Questions…..


Wiktoria1 (1).jpg

 Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

Hi everyone, my name is Wiktoria Wabnyc and I am a 19-year-old Polish actress based in London.  I was born in Poland and when I was 8 years old, I moved to the UK with my parents. I started acting professionally in late 2015 when I booked my first role as a protagonist in a feature film called Trial and Error.



How do we say your name? I’m guessing “Victoria”?

That’s correct, my name is pronounced Victoria. The reason why it’s spelled Wiktoria Wabnyc is because in Poland our ‘w’ are pronounce ‘v’. It’s actually funny to hear different people try to pronounce my name, not many people actually say it right, but I love my name and I wouldn’t change it. I think it’s unique and it has a very romantic and sweet story behind it.

What led you down the path to becoming an actress? When you decide that this was what you wanted to do for a living?

Being an actress has been my dream since I can remember. I would always pretend to be a teacher or a nurse as a child, but it wasn’t until Wizards of Waverly Place came out on Disney, that I felt in love with acting and I just knew that this was something I wanted to do. Selena Gomez has always been my inspiration as an actress and her facial expressions in the show were spot on and engaging.


Living in London, has it made it easier for you to find work or more difficult? How do you make yourself stand out among a sea of talent?

Living in London has its own benefits and disadvantages, there’s more opportunities and it’s easier to meet with film directors and producers at different film festivals and network, but I believe that the location where you live shouldn’t limit you and your possibilities. If you’re determined, you can make it anywhere you are.  On the other hand, yes there is more competition in London, than for instance in Bristol, but I just make myself unique by staying true to myself and playing  my strengths in the audition room.



How do you prepare for the audition process?  Do you have a routine you go through before you audition?

My audition preparation is always different depending on the characters I audition for, but I always make sure that I am comfortable with the lines. My old drama teacher used to say, “if you don’t prepare, you’re preparing to fail”. Therefore, I always memories my lines. I then like to do a little exercise with my audition scenes. I improvise different scenes based on my character’s thoughts and feelings within the scene. In that way, I find the truth within the words and I can identify with my character.



What are the three biggest differences for you between working on a movie set and live theatre?

Volume and projection. In theatre, you must project so that the people in the back seats are able to hear you. With film, it’s more subtle and realistic.

Trust. In live theatre, you must understand that you’re working as a team, you have to help each other out. During a live performance anything can happen, but if you have built this relationship and trust with the whole cast, then you know someone will always be there to help you and vice versa.

The acting itself is different. In theatre, you should make big choices, as in being more expressive and use your whole body as an instrument. In contrast with filming for film, you must be more realistic.

Share with us some of your experiences on working on feature films like “Trial and Error” and “Who:4”

Filming those feature films was a surreal experience to me.  It has defiantly open my eyes on how the industry works and how to behave on a film set. When I first heard that I’ve booked my first ever role in Trial and Error as one of the lead characters. I was overwhelmed, it was like a dream come true to me. The feeling I get every time I am on a film set, it’s indescribable. It reassures me that this is what I am supposed to be doing. It just all seems real to me and as long as I will get this feeling, I will not stop developing my passion.

This seems to be a huge trend as of late….filmmakers are looking for actors and actresses to work for free on projects- what is your opinion of this? Should any performer work for free on a student film or a no budget feature?

I believe that if you’re just starting out and you want to gain experience than yes doing student films that often don’t have a budget is a good way of learning, but I don’t think anyone should make it a habit. Acting is a real job and actors should be paid for it.


What has been the three biggest life lessons you have learned since becoming an actress?

-I have learned to believe in myself. Believing in yourself is such an important part of an actor, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should other people believe in you. (I could spend hours talking about why self-esteem and believing in yourself is important)

-Be persistent. A no doesn’t mean a no, it just means not now.

– I learnt to just go out there and show everyone what I can do, I won’t take a no for an answer. I will always look for ways to improve myself and get to where I want to be.  Also, not everyone is going to like you, but I believe that confidence is when you are okay with not everyone liking you.

How has social media helped/hindered your career and in what way?

Absolutely, if they don’t know you, they won’t hire you and social media is another way where I am able to put myself out there, make connections and network.


What do you like to do for fun? Do you have personal favourite places to go in London and if so, what are they?

I am an adventuresome person, I love travelling, exploring and trying out new things. For instance, rock climbing, ice skating and going to museums. My favourite places in London are Alexandra Palace (has an amazing view, great just to sit down for a chat and has an ice rink!), Piccadilly circus and Camden town for their creativity.


You can find Wiktoria on Instagram by clicking here.
You can support Wiktoria by check out her IMDb page by clicking here.
You can keep up with Wiktoria on Facebook by “liking” her page here
Last but not least,if you are a casting director,please look at Wiktoria’s Mandy
page by clicking here.

As always,thank you so much for reading “8 Questions With….”. It’s a lot fun talking to so many different people from all over the world. Thank for supporting the folks who allow us to take a look into lives,dreams and lives.

Feel free to leave a comment below,feedback is always welcome! If you want to be interviewed,we want to talk with you…just go under the Contact page and send me a email….


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  1. She sounds like someone I would love to hand out with as I like cats. Oh and I used to act as well so it’s always cool to get an insight into other actresses lives! I hope she continues to be successful!

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