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Have Cheetah,Will View #61 – “Favorite YouTube Channels #2”

It’s 12:06 pm

The cheetah and I were discussing and writing our “Bulldog Drummond” review and I had YouTube open. We were using the replay of a older college football game as “white noise”. We finished our reviews and I noticed that we gotten notified of fresh content from some of our channels we have subscribed to.
As I looked at what was new,I decided we should highlight some of the channels we like to watch and support. We had already done a favorite YouTube channel review which you can see by clicking here.
All of these folks who host these channels work very hard at bringing great content and content with a purpose. When I am having a bout of insomnia,looking at YouTube sometimes distracts my brain enough so I can settle down and get some sleep. Something about a calming voice either educating,cooking,applying make-up or talking about life in general.


The first YouTube channel is a hosted by a young man named “Nugget Noggin”. He loves metal detecting and he is rather good at it. But Nugget isn’t just digging for treasure,he loves hunting for historical artifacts and relics. He gets more excited about finding a piece of history and how it came to where he found it.
He has discovered Civil War uniforms,bullets and other pieces,Native American pottery and arrowheads as well as very old early bottles from the turn of the century.
Of course he does find some money or jewelry as well. His joy of finding anything,from a mere penny to a Civil War belt buckle or even marbles is what makes his channel special. He is genuine in being happy just to be outside somewhere detecting and exploring. Nugget is a Christian and he puts a couple of scriptures in each video which is also very nice. He is also very respectful at every single place he detects at and educates proper detecting rules and guidelines to anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps.
Love this channel!!!

You can find Nuggetnoggin’s YouTube channel by clicking that link.




The second YouTube channel is “Unique Monique” hosted by my friend,actress Monique Parent.  I posted the video where she explains how and why she started her YouTube channel. It’s story about overcoming some serious mountains in one’s life and how to keep on kicking. Monique was one of the few people who really knew how bad it was when Lori was sick and she would always find time to talk with me.
Of course it should be no surprise that while the vast majority know Monique from her fine acting,we became friends because of our mutual love of cats. In fact her two rescue cats,Colby and Sequel make many guest appearances on her videos. Watching Monique try and teach Sequel to play with a walking wheel has us crying with laughter here..
On her channel,Monique shares make-up tips and which beauty products are best for the average woman on a budget. She nutrition tips and why no one should ever fear their age. Being a working actress in Hollywood,that is a legitimately a very scary thing to face….
Monique is actually the reason I created “Have Cheetah,Will View” film reviews here on my blog. It was her starring in Jurassic City that led me to start reviewing. Monique is one special friend and I know you’ll love her channel.

You can find Monique’s YouTube Channel by clicking the link.



Whit’s Kitch is hosted by sassy Texan Whitney Kutch. This is one of the funniest channels Paladin and I follow because we can relate to Whitney when it comes to cooking. Which is,if we have a can opener,a microwave and something cold to drink,we are doing well!
But what if you decided you actually did want to cook some healthy meals for yourself and your family but were a little lost?
If you’re Whitney,you call up a few of your celebrity friends,supply the cold drinks and the massive kitchen and invite them over for a cooking lesson. They bring the ingredients and the know-how while Whitney supplies those cold drinks I mentioned.
The dishes are simple and quick,the presentation isn’t overwhelming and Whit and her guests make cooking seem (and it is) a lot of fun. Whitney is a engaging and bubbly hostess and you are a little bummed that segments end so soon,one hopes that Whit’s Kitch will do a main course AND desert in future episodes!! Now where I put that pizza cutter at???

You can find Whit’s Kitch YouTube Channel by clicking on the link.

Do have you have a favorite YouTube channel that you think the cheetah and I would like to take a peek at? If so,drop a comment below and we’ll go check it out. We love watching creative people in action!!
Please subscribe to the channels we mentioned….the hosts would be grateful and so would we! Thank you for reading and the cheetah sends a “Purrrr” as well….


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