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Have Cheetah,Will View #62 – “Simple Mind” (2012)

It’s 9:22 pm

I am sitting in the den and prepping my notes for a new review when my old friend Timothy Fox suddenly pings me and says he has something for the cheetah and I to check out.

“Simple Mind is the story of a man, who through therapy, discovers more
about himself and his life then he ever imagined.”

“Simple Mind” is a LOT more then that statement!


Bob (Fox) has a mad crush on a beautiful woman named Samantha (Kristi McCarson). He runs to various places where he already knows that Samantha will be walking by. He NEEDS to see her. As he sits there,we hear him talking to a therapist about how he saw Samantha and how they connect on so many levels. We see Bob in the therapist’s office now as he sits,his eyes drifting off to somewhere else as his therapist gets Bob to go more in depth about Samantha.
Next we see Samantha in her house,she is getting ready to go out,her doorbell rings and she opens it to see Bob standing there with a creepy smile on his face….
We’re back with Bob in his therapist’s office….he is telling her about how bought Samantha a pair of bright red slippers…he has a warm smile as we once again go back to Samantha’s home. Bob is indeed putting on the slippers on what we can see is a unresponsive Samantha.
When Bob’s therapist asks how Samantha responds,he replies “She just looks at him with eyes that are full of hope in a world that has no hope”. We see Bob finish putting on the slippers and then leaving Samantha’s room.
When the therapist asks Bob “Why do you think there isn’t any hope in the world?”,that is when we see Bob start to splinter…he starts to crack and we come to see all is not what it appears to be for Bob or Samantha….


This short 8 minute film was written and directed by Phil Newsom on no budget (and no,it isn’t a Asylum film either). His friend Paul Nameck filmed and edited “Simple Mind” with the musical score by Keith Campbell with additional music created by Jeremy “Jerm” Gonzalez. Phil and Paul wanted to see if they could actually pull off making a short film. The answer is yes but only because they were blessed to have Tim Cox and Kristi McCarson. Tim Cox has the biggest challenge here in both making you feel sorry for Bob but also be repulsed by what appears to be a dangerous stalker who has done the unspeakable. He pulls this off effortlessly,his smile when Samantha opens her door would put Pennywise the clown in “IT” running for the hills.
The editing was wonderfully done and really the mystery behind the story hidden until the very end and that was very refreshing to see. In a short film,if you show your cards too quickly,the game is over and all one is left is waiting for the end credits.
For a pair of filmmakers who pulled this on two days notice,Newsom and Nameck did a good job!


Both the cheetah and I liked “Simple Mind” and we give it a paws/thumbs up!
We also reviewed another film with Tim,  “To Be Alone” which is one of the interesting films the cheetah and I have reviewed.

Please leave a comment below and share with us what you thought of “Simple Mind”.



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