8 Questions with……….actor Steve Delgado

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night timeWelcome to another edition of “8 Questions With…..” my ongoing interview series in which I talk to artists,singers,mover and shakers and people who I find interesting enough,I want to share them here on my blog.
I have been doing a recent run of interviews with new fresh actors and actresses who are starting to make that long journey to a career either in front of a camera,behind the camera or maybe on the stage in front of a live audience.
I enjoy talking to these artists,it takes me back to my early years in booking Marsugi’s,the first club I worked it. Its like mining for that hidden gem in a cave full of stones. You know the diamond is in there but you have to be willing to look for it.
Just like my recent chats here,except for one thing….there are a LOT of diamonds out there,like actor Steve Delgado who lives in Nevada,Las Vegas.
When I started talking to Steve,I almost passed on doing the interview as he almost has no experience. But there was something I really liked about Steve,his heart. He has a strong belief in himself and his talent,he KNOWS he is going to be a professional actor.
It was and is Steve’s self confidence that decided the issue,this young man had a voice and thoughts that needed to be shared with you,my readers. I hope you enjoy getting to Steve and keep a eye on his star as it starts its journey upward….

And now sit back and read as we ask Steve Delgado 8 Questions………


Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your early years.

 Well for starters my name is Steve Enrique Jose Delgado. I am 22 years old, and I’m just a kid that came from nothing with the dream of being the best.
   The early years were interesting because I moved around so much, and met different people when I was little kid. I came from a family that only spoke Spanish, I was the kid that knew both. I was very smart for my class but at times I was a goof because I feel like a kid ,you want to be entertained, and I always knew how to entertain myself. Of course, I didn’t know that because I was kid and all I knew was adding, numbers, letters.
I didn’t even know perspective but I knew I wanted to be a somebody in this world. I felt that I was different than everybody else because I could pull off things that nobody could. I made things look easy. I was hated but also loved, of course there were those that thought I was annoying.
The funny thing was is that the same people that said I was annoying eventually grew up and became cool with me and never realized the fact that I was indeed a great kid but jealous of the praise that I received. I was the kid that clowned in class but I still did my work. I guess that’s the part of having fun while you’re a kid. Mostly everything that I’ve learned was mostly through the outside like friends, school, and observing.
My parents hardly taught me stuff. They just thought I knew it all. I was a curious kid, I wanted to know everything because later on I would like to pass it on in the future, so they can expand on that knowledge. In my eyes, I considered myself a superstar because of the attention I was getting. I loved it because people were appreciating what I was doing. All I would ever want is for people to appreciate what I do, and that what I do has value. I was a kid that always believed in himself no matter if he was by himself or surrounded by a group. I played sports, was on the school teams. Learned how to play chess in 3rd grade, I was always learning something. To say I’m the guy that does it all was important to me.
I would get picked on because I was a chubby kid but I would still be really active when it came to athletics. I would be in talent shows, choir performances, and other events. I never knew that I wanted to do that for my life until I realized it my senior year that I wanted to be an actor and performer. I loved school to the point, I didn’t miss a day. I enjoyed learning and being around everyone. You know you meet people around then you don’t see them and they become a memory. With the people I’ve encountered, they always remembered me, and always saw me around to talk. I wasn’t just a memory, I was a real consistent thing that made everyone enjoy their time.

When you did you decide to become a actor? Was there a singular moment where you knew?

 I never had an age on wanting to be an actor, I just always knew I can do it. It took me till my senior year in high school to finally figure out that being under the lights, and being in front of people doing whatever, excites me and I knew that was my call. I was meditating, and I was going through a breakup and from there, the thought of being an actor and performer made me happy because I LOVED being in front people.

What was your first reaction/emotion when you attended your first acting class?
Share with us the first day you walked on your first movie set- what was going through your mind?

 My first reaction was ok this is it, your future starts now! When I walked on my first movie set, I was like “This is really cool!” I was like a kid seeing Disneyland for the first time. It was fun because you meet other people that share your vision, and I knew networking was going to be important for me.

You currently are based out of Las Vegas,how do you manage to get acting jobs so far from Hollywood?

 I network on Facebook, I’m also on a lot of Facebook groups that deal with acting in Vegas but also in Hollywood. The minute I get a serious deal in Hollywood, I am there. But I don’t mind doing other stuff in Vegas because it can take off my career to the max. I also have a manager, and he tells me about gigs, and I look into it.

What three things do you use to motivate yourself when taking on a new role?

Well I am extremely self-motivated, I take life experiences and use it to every role that I get presented with; but my life experiences gives me even more motivation to take on new challenges. I been through so much in my life that I have been blessed to go through every emotion and phase. My desire is to be the best, and I refuse to be average. With acting, no one has my potential or my smooth style. When I look at a script, I know immediately how to portray it. I get in a vision in my head, and then I express it with my words. It is like seeing a movie up close before it is even filmed.

In your opinion,do you think Latin actors are stereotyped? In this day and age of so many movies and TV shows
why are minorities finding it so hard to get strong roles?

 I feel that people don’t go with Latinos because they know Latinos would be the best thing in the movie. We are supremely talented, and others doesn’t want to take away the opportunity from the white or black Americans. There should be more Latinos in productions, diversity helps in films. Increases the demographic of viewers. Latinos can relate to anyone. But I see William Levy getting opportunities in American movie which is great but we need more. I know I will be up there representing my culture by being in many films.

Do you think sites like YouTube and Vimeo can help develop talent?

 It could, you just got to think outside of the box on figuring out what you want to do. I used to do YouTube videos to get discovered but I knew I had to do more stuff besides that. With YouTube, you always got to be consistent with your videos. I wasn’t as consistent but it was fun while it lasted. It was time to do bigger and better things.

What do you like to do for fun when you are not working on your craft?
What three things do you like about Las Vegas?
What three things do you dislike about Las Vegas?

 I do ballroom dancing, and looking to compete someday. I go to gym and work on movements. I do CrossFit so it’s a great way to be agile. It’s tough but it’s worth it. I would spend time with friends, and just go out on adventures like hiking, traveling, etc. I would go running with my dogs, have some bonding time. They love running.

What I like about Las Vegas which is ironic but I like how it’s safe to live here compared to other cities. I like how there’s a lot of opportunity to find jobs. It’s cheap to live here so that’s a plus.

What I dislike about Las Vegas is that when people say you got to know someone to get in. I mean if the person is right for the job just give the job to the person. There isn’t a lot of attractions for underage people. I feel like there should be more stuff for them. They would like to have fun as well, change it up here and there. There’s too much construction during the day, and it takes months to fix a tiny part. People got to get through to places.

I like to thank Steve for taking the time to sit and chat with me here. I also like everyone who has dropped by to either support Steve’s interview or is a regular reader of my blog. Either way,I am grateful that you dropped by. Please feel free to drop a comment below.
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You can check out Steve’s upcoming projects by going to his IMDb page.

You can also find Steve on Instagram

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  1. He seems like a nice guy. So sad to read that he was picked on as a child but great that he is now living his dreams.

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  2. I believe motivation is the major driving factor for every individual! I’d love to visit Las Vegas. Sounds like such a happening city

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