Back In the Saddle (revisited)

It is 1:27 pm 9 Aug 17 Thought I would revisit another earlier blog I wrote a while ago.  I originally started this blog entry in August of 2012. As I reflect on this entry….I had just posted a great interview with small business owner/designer Evon Cassier. Evon made fantastic purses and was just bringing […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #60 – “Calling Bulldog Drummond” (1951)

It’s 11:50 pm night The cheetah and I both enjoyed watching the first “Bulldog Drummond” film that we decided to watch the second half of the Warner Brothers Archive’s double feature as well. “Calling Bulldog Drummond” was the 21st film released that featured the famed gentleman detective who helps people in need. The 1951 release saw Drummond […]

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Sleep beckons,she caresses the check softly warm,soothing so easy to let go sink in her arms to let take you by the hand,whispering promises of wonderful new places to see,do and enjoy Sleep is a wonderful tour guide,or so she says but some places you wish to escape,to run,to avoid Sleep will take you there […]

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