Have Cheetah,Will View #85 – “Constantine-The Complete Series” (2014)

It’s 5:45 pm chilly and windy The cheetah is flopped out downstairs looking outside at the birds. Today has been the most Fall like day so far this season. The leaves are slowly dropping to the ground.   So back when the film Constantine came out back in 2005,I really didn’t know much about the […]

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Happy 4th Cheetahversary

It’s 8:37 pm Tomorrow marks the 4th year since Paladin allowed me to be his human. Its been a interesting adventure to say the least. While the carpet has been destroyed on the stairs which has driven me (Roy) batty,Paladin has also had to put up with me. We have been through some fun things…like […]

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Oliver’s Story – Part One

 Thought I would transfer this older post from my Blogspot site.  I’ll be running part two of this story later on today. Originally posted on 30 Dec 11.   Its 1:17 pm Old man winter can’t seem to make his mind up about winter….we get some snow and temps in the high teens three days […]

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