It’s 7:30 pm – 29 Aug 17
Hurricane Cheetah


It’s been a stormy day here in SE Michigan,thunder has been rumbling through pretty much all day. The storms finally have moved eastward and it is actually pleasant outside.
Almost a perfect time to walk despite the growing darkness. But something funny happened on the way to the Forum,I have banged up my ankle and I have no idea how I did it. I didn’t hit it,didn’t twist it and there are no cheetah bites on it,it is a complete mystery.
It hurts to the touch so that removes gout,which I already knew because my diet hasn’t been full of prime rib or other rich foods. I decided to rest it until yesterday and then try walking on it. It’s still sore but feels a little better when I’m wearing shoes.

30 Aug 17
11:36 pm- night time

Last Saturday was my 53rd birthday. Our family friend Cheryl dropped by the house on Friday to surprise not only me but Paladin as well. She brought by a little bundle of goodies,a grocery gift card me,a movie (of course a movie) “Life of Pi” in which I will never hear the end of why I’m watching a movie with a tiger in it instead of a cheetah.
She also brought Paladin two bags of cheetah treats which he didn’t see because he was too busy playing with the KitNipBox toys that he had gotten a hour earlier.
How did this this happen? Well,I have been trying to convince Chewy to consider Paladin as a cheetah influencer and having no luck. I don’t know,maybe having a big African cat just doesn’t have the same pull as a mutt or a domestic kitty but despite some great support here,so far Chewy has denied us.

But our friend Susan Rahn is always retweeting our blog entries and KitNipBox happened to love a couple of the retweets. So I tweeted that if they wanted a cheetah influencer,we were free agents.  KitNipBox asked us to email them,which we did.
We got to talk with Candice who was very sweet and open minded in having a cheetah as a influencer. She asked for a little background on the blog so I sent her the story in a nutshell.

While we both agreed that KitNipBox and I wouldn’t be a proper fit (I would have to set up a link to their website and try to get you to click on it) due to the fact this strictly a blog written from the heart. I don’t have ads and I don’t get paid a penny to promote or hype anything.
Candice was very understanding and still sent Paladin a wonderful box full of toys and a bag of My Little Lion treats. He was (surprise,surprise) really excited for the catnip filled toys and went wild on it. All I saw was a big ball of orange and cream romping after and chomping on his toy,one very happy cheetah!!
So while we aren’t going to be “official” KitNipBox influencers,we are still going to hype up the company as place to get your cat treats and toys. As the name implies,KitNipBox is solely catering to cats!!

Saturday morning saw our friend Deborah come over. Once again,the cheetah was treated like royalty,more treats and some Fancy Feast! Pure heaven if you asked him!
We had lunch in downtown Plymouth at the Box Bar which I learned a couple of days later was sold to a new owner. The bar will be shut down,remodeled and renamed.
I hadn’t eaten there in maybe about 8 years or so,they always served a good burger. What made them a little different was how they served drinks,they used small pitchers as glasses for water and tea and Mason jars for soda.
Then off to Barnes and Noble where I was treated to a wonderful afternoon of coffee,books and a gift card. Deborah always makes sure I have a good birthday and Christmas. She never forgets Paladin and this time I made sure that her kitty,Slade Wilson,got a nice toy that KitNipBox had sent Paladin (they sent him a lot of stuff!!)
After she left,I relaxed for a bit and then my brother called me to wish me a happy birthday and he had a extra nice surprise. He put me on his Netflix account. So the cheetah and I got to watch The Defenders,we both enjoyed it very much.
Now the cheetah and I can go back and catch up with the previous series that we had missed,this was so unexpected…

College football kicked off as well and the San Jose Spartans started off the season by hosting 19th ranked South Florida on CBS Sports Network. The game started out pretty great with the Spartans grabbing a 16-0 lead going into the second quarter but the wheels came off with the SJSU quarterback throwing three INTs and the Bulls taking full advantage in running away for 42-22 win.
Despite the loss and a very rugged schedule ahead,I think the Spartans are in good hands,I just wish the old coaching staff had been much better at recruiting,Ron Caragher,the old head coach,couldn’t come close to where Mike McIntyre was as a recruiter and I guess that is the mean reason why he is “the former coach”.
While the crowd wasn’t as full as one would hope,it was very lively and active.
San Jose State went into social media hard for the first time this off-season and I think it has paid off,there was a lot of Twitter chatter among the fans this time,a LOT more then  any other period and that included SJSU’s great 2012 season.


Hurricane Harvey sure has nailed Houston six ways to Saturday and all day Sunday. Over 50 inches of rain so far and its still stormy down there. Been watching the rescue efforts and watching Americans of all shapes,colors and ages unite together is nice to see.
What I find really sad is that it takes a natural disaster for this happen. Three weeks ago in Virginia,it was a completely different story but in Texas,Americans from all over the nation to help the folks in Houston and the surrounding area. Why can’t we have that spirit in our everyday lives?  Besides praying for the flood victims,pray for our nation as well.


Going out on a much lighter note,the buzz for Stephen King’s remake of “It” is getting ready to land. A lot of my friends are actually scared of clowns,especially Pennywise. I have always enjoyed clowns and think they are pretty funny,I read It and while the first half of the book is very good,the last half is cheetahpoo. I think this was the first King book in which I was pretty disappointed in. Sadly,that became a trend and I haven’t read any of his books in years because they are tend to read the same tired,bland way. Oh,I TRIED to read “Under the Dome” but it was so bad I donated my copy to Goodwill.
The point is that people are saying Pennywise is SCARY but in talking with my fellow fanboy,Romey,I pointed out that 2017’s Pennywise looks a lot like Syndrome from “The Incredibles”. Now we all assumed that Syndrome got blown up in the end of the “The Incredibles” but we that he merely got himself a new gig!


Well that will about do it for me this time ’round.
Thank you for reading me,we are very grateful for anyone who finds us here.
Feel free to drop a comment below…..

16 thoughts on “53

  1. That sounds like you and the Cheetah had a really good day! The KitNipBox sounds really good, and so kind to send the Cheetah a box full of samples. An afternoon with coffee and cake surrounded by a ton of books sounds like a perfect birthday to me! BTW my sister shares her Netflix account with us, and I am currently catching up on the last series of Orphan Black, so amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m passing on it,Becca,I might try and review the TV mini-series in a couple of weeks.
      Every time I see the clown,I start laughing….he isn’t scary at all…..a cheetah with a empty food bowl…..SCARY!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. In the world of fanboys,there is a theory,any movie with King’s name attached,generally sucks…..the ones that don’t,do very well. I think It will do it IF its a self-contained story,I hear they want to do a sequel….bad idea.


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