Have Cheetah,Will View #15 – “Trial 66” (2016)

It’s 7:45 pm

Looking back at old blog and seeing a couple more reviews I needed to post on here.
This is a excellent short film from film maker Cliff Lynch and its about choices.
I originally reviewed this on 26 March 16.


Woke up early this morning and saw a post by Darren King that he just put his new short film,”Trial 66″ up on YouTube. So I decided to check it out…

The story opens with a man getting ready for the day. He moves slowly because of a knee injury which we see a large scar of. As he gets ready for his day,he sees a knife on the counter and he stares at.
Next he is on the roof looking down below and we’re wondering if he wants to commit suicide. As he stands there,we flashback to the man and his girlfriend as they are walking holding hands.
Suddenly a voice calls out “Speedboat” and he turns. A young man has been waiting for him to walk by. Speedboat acknowledges the man but is alarmed at how hostile the stranger is. The stranger is upset because Speedboat won a roster spot on a football club over his brother and has taken it very personal.
The two men exchange words and then they are on the ground fighting. The stranger pins Speedboat on the ground,pulls out a knife and we see how he got his scar….
Flashback to the present and we now why Speedboat is depressed….he is at a crossroads,will he get revenge or will he move forward…..

I loved this short 7:11 long short film. Screenwriter Cliff Lynch,who plays Speedboat,has crafted a fine story with a beginning,middle and a end…which is not always easy when watching a short film. Often,one key element gets either rushed or left out and you’re left with a imcomplete story.
But a great director can overcome that and Darren King has done exactly that without losing a minute of the story. The young man has choices to make and allowing the the viewer to see that he is fighting hard to make the right path (the fresh grass signaling a new growth and possibilities,fond memories of playing football with his dad) against what could be a life destroyer is other path could be (the knife and the roof).

The editing,which was done by Mark Jennings,was seamless with nothing wasted in terms of capturing the energy. The story flows smoothly to a fine score by Mattia Cupelli and Edward Lui’s photography was also well…not hammering the obvious allowing the viewer to see where the story is going…

The cast was very solid with Stef Keogh playing Shannon,the girlfriend and Devauna McFarlene playing Spalling,the attacker. There is a key moment when Spalling,looking back at what he done,turns to run and stumbles. It’s telling in that Spalling’s life has indeed stumbled and stumbled badly….


Take a look at “Trial 66” and leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.

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Thanks for reading!

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