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A Question

It’s 10:41 pm

A question for my fellow bloggers and writers:

What is most important to you:

Traffic and pageviews



Love to hear your comments and takes on this matter.



4 thoughts on “A Question

  1. I like the connection when someone reads something I wrote and it spoke to them, even if their take on it wasn’t the original intent. Also like it when I write something and it inspires someone else to find their words, maybe to express joy or loose the thing inside that was festering or bring light where there was darkness. One can hope, anyways.

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  2. My blog is mainly about the difficulties faced by my son and what we are doing to bring changes. My main hope with the blog is that I will reach out to new people and get them thinking. I love receiving comments from people who had no idea about the difficulties we face but now care. Many will come back later and say that they are now looking at “disabled toilets” with new eyes.

    That is what matters most to me.

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  3. I love your blog and I truly admire parents who fight like hell for their children. Being a caregiver can be such a solitary labor of love and it always feels good to get a morale boost once in a while. Your son is blessed to have such a caring mum.


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