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Have Cheetah,Will View #78 – “Another Perfect Stranger” (2007)

It’s 10:05 pm

So a while back,the cheetah and I reviewed a faith based movie called  “The Perfect Stranger”.
It was a indie film produced by Kelly’s Filmworks and was basically a two person play set in a Italian restaurant in which Nikki Kominsky was invited to have dinner with Jesus Christ. It turned out to be a life changing event for both Nikki and her husband.
The second movie picks up 10 years after the first movie.


“Another Perfect Stranger” opens up with a recap of the first film (which I think just did as well). It recounts everything up when Nikki realizes that she indeed did have dinner with Jesus.
Ten years later Sara Cominsky,now 20 years old,is headed to Portland,Ore hoping to have scored a scholarship to a art school. She is packing her bags and she is ball of mixed emotions,she is upset at her parents because she feels they have forced their “religion” down her throat and the night before she leaves for Oregon,her mom finally tells Sarah about her dinner with Jesus.

As expected,this doesn’t set too well with Sarah and she bolts from the car at the airport without saying good-bye. She boards the plane which is going to Dallas,then Portland. After being rude and snarky to businessman who tried to defend religion,Sarah dozes off only to awaken by another male passenger who is entertaining a young child.
The young man and Sarah start to talk about God and His plan for us. Sarah has a lot anger and hidden pain inside and Yesh,the man besides her,listens and helps Sarah understand God’s plan for us all. Through out the encounter,Yesh drops small hints at how he really is but it isn’t until Sarah lands in Portland that she realizes who she has spent the day with.  The movie ends on a positive note with Sarah calling her mom and telling Nikki,”I think I ran across a old friend of yours”.


As with the first “Stranger”,I enjoyed this very much. I thought the script was a bit stronger then the first movie. Ruby Lewis who played Sarah did a nice job considering “Another Perfect Stranger” was her film debut. Jefferson Moore,who plays Jesus again,seems a lot more comfortable in the role,his Jesus and Sarah are more therapist and patient then anything else and that is exactly what is needed here. Moore co-directed with Kelly’s Filmworks regular Shane Sooter. The direction was solid but the editing was pretty awful,the movie features a 10 minute recap and it only has a run time of 80 minutes. The music was pretty cheesy and the film would have been stronger without a score at all.
These films come across more as filmed plays then they do movies and that is a strength,the bad score only slows it down.
Kelly’s Filmworks made a third film in this series that I won’t bother reviewing,it was really,really awful and a HUGE step backwards compared to the first two movies.
Jefferson Moore and his wife Kelly tried to get a series going from the “Stranger” movies and that I will be reviewing soon.

Run time for “Another Stranger” is listed as 96 minutes but I think that is including the special feature,an interview with the author David Gregory who wrote “A Day with The Perfect Stranger”.
There is also a video scrapbook of the behind scenes filming of the movie.

The cheetah slept through this one but I give “Another Perfect Stranger” a thumbs up.
This is a lot better then the catpoo that Hollywood is,to borrow from Sarah, trying to jam down our throats.

You can buy any of the Kelly’s Filmworks titles by clicking on the link.

How about you? Have you watched any faith based films? What did you like/dislike about them? Drop a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #78 – “Another Perfect Stranger” (2007)

  1. I have not heard of either of these and now I need to see both the first and second one. How wonderful would it be to have dinner or talk to Jesus on an airplane.


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