Poo Replay (thanks to Mike Rowe)

It’s 1:00 pm

It is warm and feel very much like summer here in SE Michigan. The cheetah keeps zipping up and down the stairs hoping to coax me down to give him treats. I told him I’m saving those for our new review later on. I don’t think he liked that answer. But I told him we’re going to be watching a Dick Tracy adventure and he settled down. He is a Boris Karloff fan….

So you’re looking at this entry’s title and shaking you head wondering what it means.
A few years ago on the Discovery Channel,there was a show called “Dirty Jobs” hosted by a guy named Mike Rowe. He and his crew would travel primarily the United States and working hard labor intensive jobs.
A lot of the jobs would involve something so messy or stinky that Rowe could fit in the word “poo” so many times you could fashion a drinking game around it. We used to watch the show all the time and really enjoyed it.
So how in the world does this little backstory have to do with this entry I can hear you ask…..well,since you HAVE asked,this is the tale.

So its Friday,Susan and I are meeting for our weekly walk. But I have a bum ankle that has flared up and so I ask for a rain check. Instead I ask if she has ever been to Disc Replay and she says she has not. Since the local store is right down the street from our walking area,away we go.
The store isn’t very busy as we walk in around 6 pm-ish. It’s a small store to boot but they have restocked nicely since I was last there a couple of months back. After maybe 20 minutes,we both have things we want and as I turn to ask one of the clerks a question,he is going behind the row ahead of me.
After 30 seconds,he backs out,holding his nose and says “Nobody go back there”

Now my first thought is “One of his co-workers passed gas” and he is having some fun.
He keeps back pedaling and I duck my ahead around the corner and there is no co-worker. However someone has dropped their pants and left a load of poo on the floor.
This wasn’t no accident,no young kid who couldn’t hold it.
The young staff was sort at a loss on how to handle this poo. The put a “Wet Floor” sign up and they kept asking each other what to do. The smell was starting to really get nasty and one guy dashed and nuked the area with Febreeze which only made it WORSE.
Another person came out with a dry mop and no water,another with a trash can and a roll of paper towels and each one asking the other on what to do.
Susan and I quickly paid for our stuff and bailed,we were laughing because we have seen jobs that were normal suddenly turn into a Dirty Job.

While the staff was a little skittish,I am sure they got it together and got it cleaned up.

And with that,this little post is ready to be flushed and posted. Thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “Poo Replay (thanks to Mike Rowe)

  1. Oh my goodness the poor staff, hands up if I had been working there I would have been flapping I mean what do you do with a pile of poo?! (Coming from the person who had to go out on poo duty to check for cow pats once upon a time).

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  2. Hahaha this is both hilarious and horrible!! Would hate to have to be the people that cleaned that mess up – nothing more vile than that!

    Liked by 1 person

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