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Have Cheetah,Will View #88 – ” Bail Out” (1989)

It’s 6:35 pm



So a while ago,I was out and about doing some errands. My travels took me to Ollie’s Outlet. I don’t really go in there very when I go media hunting even though they do carry DVDs at decent prices. But since my business took me pretty close,I stopped in.
Inside they had a bin of DVDs from Mill Creek called “The Decade You Were Born” with various decades. Each decade had a featured movie,commercials from that decade,a smattering of sit-com episodes and movie trailers.  What caught my attention was they were only .49 cents per copy. I picked up two,the 1970s and the 1980s. Both movies that each decade had,I had never heard of….made it even more fun,right?

For the 1980s,Mill Creek had included a movie called “Bail Out” and starred David Hasselhoff. When I looked at the IMDb page,I found out the proper title was “W.B.,Blue and the Bean”. For the purposes of this review,I’m sticking to “Bail Out”.


The movie opens with a well to do man driving a very swanky ride and driving into a exclusive apartment building,he meets a beautiful woman at the door and an hour later he is seen leaving the same place driving a beater. He pulls into a sleazy part of town and parks his heap. A homeless guy has held his parking spot and the driver flips him a quarter for his troubles.
He is Alan (Charlie Brill), he owns and runs a Bail bond business and he does everything on the cheap.
Next we are introduced to his three bounty hunters,Bean (Thomas Rosales,Jr.) who is married and desperately needs money as he has a large family. Alan calls Bean and offers his a 50.00 job if he brings in a jumper who has been charged with man-slaughter.
Then we meet Blue (Tony Brubaker) a retired pro football player,he walks inside a gym and ends up knocking a boxer who also has jumped bail.

Lastly Alan calls White Bread (Hasselhoff) otherwise known as W.B. to collect heiress Annette Ridgeway (Linda Blair) who was busted with her Iranian boyfriend who happens to be a coke dealer.
When W.B. goes to pick up the young lady,he is surprised by two men who snatch Annette away on orders of her father. Following the two men,W.B. is even more surprised to see yet another crew of Colombians who kill the two other men and they take Annette away in a van. W.B. attempts to follow them but is distracted by a blonde and lose the crew,he only knows they were heading towards a warehouse complex.
Completely baffled,W.B. drives to the Ridgeway home where we Mr. Ridgeway (John Vernon) who deflects any and all concerns W.B. has about Annette’s well being. He gives W.B.  a little cash and a signed note that Annette will make her court date.

The three friends converge to plan to get Annette back….the first rescue attempts goes badly and the friends are forced to retreat. But they have a plan 9 from outer space that they hope will work. W.B. manages to rescue Annette who says she had only met the man that very night and had no idea who or what he was.
She gives W.B. the slip,steals his car and heads home….only to meet her father and Salazar(Gregory Scott Cummins),the leader of the Colombians. He says the value of the missing coke is 5 million dollars and Ridgeway has a week to raise it. Once again,Annette is taken away….and once WB.,Blue and the Bean are just behind them….
But Salazar has made a fatal mistake and it allows the three bounty hunters to launch a daring rescue deep into Mexico. Using some unexpected allies and meeting some unlikely faces,will the trio be able to rescue Annette and escape unscathed or will something keep our heroes from getting home alive??


So going into this movie I had ZERO expectations that it would be any good. It’s been released on a zillion compilation movie collections from what I have read. I had to bribe the cheetah with some Fancy Feast if he would watch this with me.
Would “Bail Out” take over from “#Horror” as the WORST movie we had reviewed?
Uh…that would be a “No”!! “Bail Out” turned out to be a lot more fun then we were expecting. The three leads of the Hoff,Brubaker and Rosales had great chemistry and provided a lot of laughs in their attempts to rescue Annette. And here is a couple of shockers, John Vernon did NOT play the heavy in this movie! I have read a few comments about the stereotypes portrayed in “Bail Out” but since we wasn’t looking for that,we didn’t notice it. Linda Blair did a nice job as Annette and showed a lot of spunk as her Annette held her own with the boys,especially when it came to handling a rifle!!
The Hoff also did a nice turn as W.B…..he was restrained and he seems to having quite a good time here.
Keep a extra sharp lookout for a face who was just getting started in Hollywood,he has a smart part when he meets the guys in Mexico.
Small quibbles are the colors in the movie are somewhat washed out in places and the music score is generic 80s synth bad….

“Bail Out” is rated “R” for language,violence and brief nudity.
It has a run time of 89 minutes.

This is a film that we wouldn’t go out of the way to see but for .49 cents,we got our money’s worth. Hell,that can of Fancy Feast I owe Paladin cost .60!!!

We gave “Bail Out” a thumbs/paw up.

Any Hasselhoff fans out here? Which David Hasselhoff film is your favorite?? Or maybe you’re strictly a Baywatch Nights fan. Drop a comment below and share with us.

We dedicate this review to Bobby,Laura from the UK and Byron from Australia.


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