Doing a Catch Up

It’s 1:11 am


Sitting in the afterglow of the Yankees 7-3 win over Cleveland on Monday night. Despite being cheated out of a Game 2 win by Joe Girardi’s bonehead failure to challenge a bad call by the home plate umpire,the Yanks have stormed back from a 0-2 hole to force a Game 5….win or lose,its been a fun season to say the least.
I was putting together a review recently when I was pinged by actor Christopher Torretto whom I had interviewed. I asked what has been going on with him as of late and holy crow,this is one busy performer!! He sent me this press release about his new project.

Dorn Nochta (Gaelic or Bare Knuckles) – A film written and co-directed by Christopher Torretto of Maya Productions and Phillip A. McCarthy.
A story of an injured world champion cage fighter and the love for his family. When Gaelen O’Hara (played by Chris Torretto) is told he can no longer fight due to a head injury he struggles to get back to a normal life. He takes an even harder blow when his ill daughter takes a turn for the worse. He realises he must do whatever it takes to get the money to give her the best treatment possible. Knowing that he can never have a sanctioned fight again he turns to the underground fight scene. With the help of his coach  he takes on one last fight and sacrifices all for the love of his daughter.
Crew David Sjorup – camera Lester Goddard/Cal Brown – DOP Chris Torretto – Director Phebe Molyneux – Makeup Charlotte Glasgow – set design and photographer.


It’s a feature film and we are mid way filming we are filming in UK but taking it to Cork Ireland to finish.


Chris’s work is also up for a couple of festivals in Ireland as well. His drive and passion is so focused. Definitely a actor to keep a eye on….

In cruising around YouTube,one always finds some really different and innovative content and channels. Recently YT has been doing live streams where cameras are set to run live 24/7/365 and I have found a few very fun channels including this rail fanning one I am posting here. What is rail fanning? Basically its watching trains but a rail fan goes deeper then simply counting the cars on a train.

A lot of them can tell you the history of a route,the train companies that use those routes and even the engines that are being used to transport their cargoes!! The channel I watch in is in La Plata,Missouri. The camera is set at a small Amtrak pick-up point but the day is always busy with EB and WB  trains coming through all day.
While there may be 200-400 people watching at any time during the day,the time where the Amtrak train comes by is where the action starts with over 1,000 fans watching the train come in and passengers getting on and off.
I find myself put this channel on when I am writing and listening for the whistle of a oncoming train. I don’t know anything about the trains myself but its peaceful back ground noise while I write.


In promoting my blog,I have joined a lot of promotion groups including the wonderful U.K. based “Bloggers Helping Others”. Most of the blogs in there are travel,lifestyle,beauty and fashion based. There is a cool video gaming blog in there that I like even if the games featured are ones I would get my ass kicked in about 30 seconds.
I have really grown to become fond of quite a few of them and I really enjoy reading their words,in fact,one of them inspired me to write a personal blog instead of a review.
I know my writing style has evolved from sharing deeply personal stories about Lori to not really sharing much at all. I think my writing has come to echo my real life as well.
That is….I’m not doing much of anything. I am pretty much staying at home other then a monthly trip to the bank and 2-3 trips to the grocery store plus my weekly walk with my friend Susan. And no one wants to read about that that and I certainly don’t want to write about doing nothing.
I am trying what to do with my writing,where to go with it….why am I writing?
When I read this blog from Laura from my promo group,it got me wondering…have I lost my way? Have I have forgotten why I started writing my blog when Lori got ill?
I can honestly say “No”. I am still the same person I am that many of you either know in real life or have met me online. I do have some signs of rejoining humanity,my buddy Romey says all my old co-workers ask about me (I haven’t been to the store I worked at since I quit). That tells me I made an impression on them in some way,be it negative or positive. I have gone from screening every phone to actually picking it up when it rings.
I had a 3 hour long phone with another kick ass writer who I feel is going to be huge in the next upcoming year,hearing that much passion and energy….I sort of feel like Theoden waking up….


After Susan and I walk,we like to go to Tim Hortons for a coffee and chill. It’s a nice place to relax with roomy tables and comfortable chairs….well,until now.
Seems like Tim Horton’s has decided that dine-in diners are not welcome anymore in their shops. They have started to do a massive re-modeling that has removed the stand alone tables and gotten rid of the cushioned chairs for hard flat uncomfortable chairs that you won’t want to sit in for more then maybe 20 minutes. They have tried to cover this up by putting in a janky faux fireplace and four chairs with a small flat screen TV.
It’s a very unfriendly to families decor that is basically screaming “We don’t your business inside of our stores,we just want you outside in your cars.”.

Mission achieved as when we used to go inside after our walks,the dining area always had heads in it. The first time we showed up after the change,we got the decent chairs by that janky fireplace very easily because not a single person was sitting inside.  For a chain with crappy doughnuts at high prices already,is this the signal you want to give the general public? That families and seniors are no longer welcome inside Tim Hortons? Because if it is,mission accomplished…..


So many of you know I love San Jose State football. Year in and year out,I follow the Spartans. The past five seasons saw the team get worse and worse on the field. Where Coach Mike McIntyre had left a pretty good team with solid depth before going to Colorado. New coach Ron Caragher managed to run what Coach Mac had left right into the ground in 5 years. Yeah,we beat Fresno State a couple of years and we even eeked out a bowl invite with a 5-7 record but after last year,SJSU pulled the plug on Caragher and brought in a new head coach,Brent Brennan.
He in turn brought his own staff as most new head coaches do. And where there no was digital footprint before,suddenly SJSU’s social media exploded with cool pictures,high energy and engagement. Excitement was building in San Jose,Coach B. did get off to a late start recruiting wise and fans noticed a lack of depth and size on the defensive side.
No biggie,the schedule was a little rugged but our team speed and highly touted pass defense,we could take a 5-7 record and go from there,right?
Well San Jose State decided to exercise the Hawaii Rule where as if a team plays at Hawaii,they get to schedule a extra game to cover travel costs. For San Jose State,instead of scheduling another home game,decided to play at Texas for a big paycheck.
Now as a fan,you start to get nervous,we are already a small team in size on defense and you’re asking these kids to play South Florida,Texas,Utah AND BYU plus the Mountain West schedule. A 5-7 record suddenly looks like 3-10. But the coaches are selling this team HARD and maybe,just maybe there is some hope….
After opening the 2017 season by grabbing a 16-0 lead over 22nd ranked South Florida,the wheels have come all the way off.

This is our season so far

South Florida   –  L  22-42
Cal Poly (FCS)  –   W 34-13
Texas               –  L   0-56
Utah                   – L 16-54
Utah State          L 10-61
UNLV                 L 13-41
Fresno State      L 10-27

San Jose State hasn’t stunk so bad since Fitz Hill was coach. My buddy Kenny (209 Spartan) and I are just amazed at how complete terrible this team is,even as bad as Caragher was and his teams did quit on a couple of games,they never played or looked this bad.
We started looking for San Jose State to be ranked in the Bottom 10 on ESPN. After the Utah game,we were sure we would make it but alas,no such luck. It wasn’t until after the killing in Las Vegas and we still hadn’t been ranked that I sent Kenny a note saying either the Bottom 10 hadn’t seen our games or they only include FBS teams.
Well after last Saturday’s mild destruction at the hands of Fresno State,we FINALLY made the Bottom 10 and did it with a BANG….from no love to being ranked the 3rd shittiest team this year.
The thing is,it isn’t the players (well,okay,maybe Josh “Mr. INT” Love) but the coaching. It completely STINKS like a Fitz Hill game plan. And there is NO signs of it getting better,SJSU is look at a 1-12 mark this year and after just 6 years when we were ranked 21st in the BCS polls and went to a good bowl and a 11-2 record.
What the HELL happened??????? Our Bottom 10 debut:

3. San No-se State (1-6)

So, how did the other Spartans leapfrog a couple of oh-fer teams even though they have a win? First, that win was against Cal Poly, an 0-6 FCS team. Second, I received a 900-word numerically-based argument for the SJSU to be ranked as America’s worst team. It was sent by a man who says he’s actually a statistics professor at San Jose State. His name is Dr. San Jose Estado … oh, wait … I think I got #Bottom10Lobbying prank-emailed.

Well that is all I have for now…..I’ll try and post a little more personal stuff as it happens.
The cheetah wants treats so off I go…………

17 thoughts on “Doing a Catch Up

  1. I love that group too everyone there is great. I would also get my ass kicked within 30 seconds if not less if I tried any of the games with the gaming blogger. In fact I bet you’d do better than me too lol.

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  2. I think it’s really nice to read a more personal post as it’s great to find out more about the person behind the blog. I’m a terrible gamer so I’m sure you could easily beat me!

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