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Have Cheetah,Will View #94 – “Fairfield Road” (2010)

It’s 12:37 pm

Looking outside at a rainy day….


After watching a season of hard hitting detective action featuring Spenser,the cheetah and I decided to slow it down by watching another gentle Hallmark Channel movie. Despite having a backlog of movies to watch,its rare that I have find Hallmark movies out in the wild. My best bet is always Family Video or hoping Dollar Tree drops a lot of family films during once every 4 months sales.
“Fairfield Road” was found at Family Video during a 5 DVDs for 5.00 sale they had going on. It was a no brainer to snag it because it looked rather charming.
When I first tried watching this one,I was worried that we wouldn’t make it through,both the cheetah and I fell asleep and that never is a good sign.
But we decided to give it another run and I’m glad we did,it turned out to be the charming movie we were expecting.

In Fairfield Road,Jesse Metcalfe stars as Noah McManus,a young fast rising star in Boston’s poltical scene. As chief of staff,he helped Mayor Christine Grantt get elected,he is just landed a job with a Senator and has a beautiful girlfriend,Wendy,who really wants Noah to propose to her.
Noah decides to do just that,he rents a weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast in the town of Harpswell in Cape Cod,he arranges a beautiful ring to be sent there to bed and breakfast. Life is looking great for Noah….until we see Wendy is cheating on him and Noah  finds out,the Senator who just hired him in indicted on bribery charges and he quits Mayor Grantt’s re-election campaign because she has lost touch with what made her the people’s choice for Mayor of Boston.
As fast as the rise of Noah was,his fall is even faster. He decides to grab his dog Arlo and go get the ring,he paid a lot money and with no job,he’ll soon need the cash.
Noah drives up to the bed and breakfast but the ring isn’t there. Sam and Lillian,the older couple who run the B&B are a very friendly couple who invite Noah and Arlo to stay the night and have dinner with them,they are having a few people over.

At dinner,Noah meets Hailey Caldwell (Natalie Lisinska) and a host of other local town folks who are arguing about a new development being pushed by Randall Henderson.
The town manager election are coming and Randall,who is at the dinner is debating with Sam the merits of expanding the town. Hailey is very much against it and is quite vocal about. Noah notices it and is curious to learn more Hailey.
The next day Noah takes a walk downtown and stumbles across Hailey’s little bookstore. He enters and the two start to talk….and Hailey decides to take Noah for a boat ride and shows him more of the area.

When they get back to the dock,Noah asks of he can see Hailey for dinner. Hailey says if Noah can tie a certain knot,he can have that date.
Noah extends his stay even after getting his ring,he talks with Sam about his running town manager and encourages Sam. But Sam is older and not a public speaker,he doesn’t think he can beat Randall.
As Noah ponders this,his best friend Elliott,who still works for the Mayor,calls him and urges Noah to come back to Boston. Noah declines and the next day,he shows up at the bookstore with the proper knot. Noah then reads a Thanksgiving story to a bunch of small children and Hailey notices how at ease Noah is around the kids. They enjoy a pleasant day and night out. Noah is a gentleman and he says good-night and heads back to Sam and Lillian’s place where he finds a most unexpected guest,Wendy.

Noah is upset and is in the middle of telling Wendy where to go when Hailey comes by,Noah had left his jacket at her shop. When Wendy introduces herself as “Noah’s fiance”,Hailey quietly leaves and then Noah really does let Wendy have it in no uncertain terms…..but has the damage been done?
Can Noah win back Hailey? The engagement goes missing as well,who and what happened to it? Who will win between Sam and Randall in the town manager race?
And when Noah gets a incredible offer,will he take it or will love end up winning the day?


Yeah,you already know the answers to most of the questions but how they come about is the reason one watches Hallmark Channel romantic movies. You know how each movie will end but the journey is why we watch.
“Fairfield Road” was smartly written by Terry Rosen and ably directed by David Weaver who knows his way around the Hallmark Channels,he has directed a couple of others films as well.
The cast is also pretty good. Jesse Metcalfe plays Noah as very sharp minded insider without the cynicism that most people in his place would be showing. He still believes in Mom,apple pie and ethics. This is shown is his desire to help Sam save Harpswell from being turned into just another over developed suburb.
His relationship with Hailey also rings true,he really likes her but knowing he is coming out of a bad relationship,is more then willing to go slowly and when it appears that Wendy has ruined the spark,he shows even more patience.

This is the first time I have seen Natalie Lisinska in anything,when I saw her IMDb page,I wasn’t too surprised to see her impressive list of credits,she is a talented actress.
She has a very expressive face and some of the prettiest blue eyes,you can see why Noah was pretty smitten….at first it appeared that Metcalfe and Lisinska didn’t have much on screen chemistry that really is the secret to a Hallmark Channel movie. Without that,these movies REALLY drag!! But these two do work and its a attractive match to watch come together.

“Fairfield Road” is rated “G” and has a run time of 88 minutes. There are no special features. You can buy a copy by going to the Hallmark Channel shop.

The cheetah curled up and slept through this one,I give it a thumb up. Yeah,it’s Hallmark Channel movie but I like the gentleness of these films.

How about you? Ever sat and watched a movie that you normally wouldn’t?
What movie did you watch and why did you like/dislike it? Drop a comment below!!











5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #94 – “Fairfield Road” (2010)

  1. I have to admit that I like Hallmark Channel movies sometimes. I haven’t seen this one, but if they replay it, I’ll probably see it. It’s my go-to when I’m home alone sick, and I watch all of their movies around the holidays when I need to get myself in the spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hallmark is the CHAMP when it comes to making Christmas movies. What surprised me is that they have taken over the Jesse Stone series as well and those are a tad more gritty then what you normally see on Hallmark…


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