31 Nightmares 2017: The 22nd

The cheetah and I were honored to have been part of 31 Nightmares of October over at Card Castles In the Sky’s blog. We contributed our review of “The Dead Room”. Their 31 Nightmares of October is pretty amazing and we highly recommend checking it out!


Today we have a guest from The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is made up of the lovely Michael Patrick, and his companion, a pet cheetah named Paladin. Yes, you heard me correctly. Head on over to The Inner Circle to check them out! You won’t be let down.

Let us begin.

It’s 11:43 PM

Once again I was out and about doing a little movie hunting. Unlike many websites, I review movies that I buy. No studio sends me anything and I don’t have a YouTube channel where I do vlogs.
Nope, I do this the old fashioned way, I either find short films on YouTube or Vimeo that catch my attention or I go shopping at Family Video, Goodwill or wait for Dollar Tree to drop a shipment of titles. The rule is I can’t spend more then a 1.50 on any title. I also try not…

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19 thoughts on “31 Nightmares 2017: The 22nd

    1. It was our first guest appearance on another blog. I wish I had the time to post a original review but I didn’t find out until it was waaay too late. My post was held in reserve in case it was needed. But I did enjoy sharing “The Dead Room” with some fresh readers….


  1. I love that you never spend 1.50 on a movie and that you find all movies yourself to review, I think it’s way more authentic than just reviewing movies you have been sent. I’m not big on horror but i’d probably watch it just to see what it’s like!

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    1. Well,the cheetah and I have developed a streetwise informant at Warner Brothers…but we are still review 99% of the films we buy. We find a lot great overlooked films that way.


  2. It’s so cool that you find all these movies to review as you’ve opened up my limited film collection! I think you find incredible films for such little amounts of money, Not all are too my taste but you have a great style for reviews.

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