Have Cheetah,Will View #101 – “Solutions” (2017)

It’s 12:31 am

Election season never seems to be over these days,there is always something that needs to voted on and someone willing to do most anything to get elected into public office with its nice benefits and connections to bigger and better things. Mostly for the office holder and rarely the public.

We got sent a new short film,”Solutions” about 10 days ago. It has been a while since we took a peek at one and this one features a old friend here at “Have Cheetah,Will View”,Timothy Cox. At a quick 20 minutes,we settled in for a fun little ride…..


James Cross (Cox) is running for Mayor is a large town. He has a lot of cash to run a great campaign but his approval ratings are lower then Drumpf’s and he needs help and quick.

Cross approaches Derek Price (David P.B. Stephens),a known “fixer” and asks him for his help. The two agree on a very high price and go their separate ways,agreeing to meet later on.
Meanwhile,Price’s son Damon (Oise Ohiwerei) is curious about his dad and his mysterious job. Damon asks his dad exactly what he does for a living. Derek takes his son  on a rooftop and starts to explain his profession. Damon wants to learn and so Derek decides to take his son under his wing…..the first lesson he learns is that everyone has a price in life and the secret is finding it….


So were we entertained by “Solutions”? Absolutely not. This was terrible from the word “Go”. Extremely profane and poorly acted by Stephens and Ohiwerei,”Solutions” is so full of stupid and unrealistic plot holes,it could be a road here in Detroit after a hard winter. These two would have trouble changing a light bulb and you expect us to believe Derek Price is a “fixer”?
Timothy J. Cox was solid as expected but he was a one man island in a sea of catpoo. He has the look of a rich man running for mayor but the script (which consists of dropping the F bomb as many times as it can) just sinks his character.
Written and directed by Zachary Halfter,”Solutions” is his debut film. While he does some things right,like casting Cox as the perfect smarmy Mayoral candidate and having a cool jazz flavored score,everything else is a car wreck. But the two positives are signs Zachary has a idea on what he wants to do,he just needs more experience and better scripts,we will stick around and see what he comes up with.

Solutions has a run time of 20 minutes and is rated a HARD “R” for language.

What did you think of “Solutions”? Drop us a comment below….


4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #101 – “Solutions” (2017)

  1. I like to swear but if you use it too much it can be lazy script writing and it did make me laugh when you described Timothy as being in cat poo haha! Solutions sounds awful, got to give it a miss !

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