Sockvember 17 is going down a different path

It’s 9:10 pm

Okay I know many of you have been wondering if I was doing our 3rd annual Sockvember sock drive this year. To those who may not know what Sockvember is,I asked people to donate socks to help the needy and less fortunate.
My wife Lori and I used to do the giving tree at St. Thomas a’Becket Catholic church where she was a member. We used to help out 3-4 families and donate what was asked for plus a stocking and I used to help assemble the gifts to ship out to various ministries
that a’Becket had going.
After Lori passed away,I was looking for something to keep that legacy alive and in 2015 I decided after reading about how socks were the most requested and most under donated clothes item to start a sock drive. As of today,we have have donated 936 pairs of socks plus I have gathered about another 60 pairs through out the year.
But there was another thing Lori and I did and believed in and that was helping animals. We rescued and re-homed many cats as well as rescued a few wild critters as well like birds,rabbits,raccoons and even a huge snapping turtle!! All of out cats that we have come to love and be loved have been rescues.
About 5 months I was stumbling around of YouTube and came across a wonderful rescue in Defiance,Ohio called “Friends of Felines Rescue Center” or FFRC for short.
They have a live stream where you can see the various cats that the rescue is taking care of. Many of these cats have special needs and will need hands on care for their entire lives. Many are dropped off in need of medical care and or they’re heavy with kittens.
Some are abused cases but they are loved and cared for by a loving lady named Jacci.
Jacci and her team of tireless volunteers work all year round raising money for the shelter. They hold a annual musical event called “Catstock” where local musicians donate their time to put on a concert as a way of saying “Thanks” to the wonderful people of Defiance who helping out.
They have a YouTube channel and also a USLive stream where one can chat with other cat lovers who talk about the residents and thank the volunteers for their service.One of the most fun things to watch is “Box days” where FFRC will open the boxes that people donate to help the cats. Food,towels,medical supplies,toys….even snacks for the volunteers are always in high demand as the group is a non-profit. They do adopt cats out as well and its always with high hopes they will have found their furever homes.

So why am I sharing this….well in keeping in the spirit of both my beautiful Lori and her sweet love for cats and other animals,I want us to “adopt” The Friends of Feline Rescue Center for the next two months. I am asking you all to please donate what you can to help them out. And other then to say “In the loving memory of Lori Ann Majestic-Sullivan”,I want us to be quiet about what we are doing just as we did with our first two sock drives. We donated our socks quietly and with love,the churches never knew where or why they suddenly got hundreds of pairs of socks. I like for that to continue. Of course you can donate in your cat’s name as well!! Just please tell me if you are doing this so I can put the unboxing videos on here so we can watch them.

If you rather donate socks,that would be welcome as well as I will make a sock run once to St. Thomas a’Becket.  You can find my address by going here.

The address of the FFRC

Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center
14597 PowerDam Road
Defiance, Ohio 43512

There are a couple of great websites that cater to cats that I’ll post here

First off is in which I have written about a few times. They love cats and they are a lovely company to work with….You can find them here!!

The other place I can recommend is KitNipBox which is dedicated solely to cats. You can find them by clicking here. Please note this is a subscription box service.


I’m getting pretty emotional as I always do when I’m writing this out. Because I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who have donated in the past and to those of you who may be doing this for the first time.  To see the faces of those who need our help and being to help just a little bit,it keeps the spirit of who Lori was and always will be alive now and forever.

Here is the YouTube Channel





16 thoughts on “Sockvember 17 is going down a different path

  1. This is a really great cause, I’ve always adored cats. This also gives me some ideas for charitable teaching for my kids. Thank you.

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  2. This is a lovely idea and what a coincidence that my fella and I were scrolling through all the cats for adoption at our local shelters yesterday. I was saying that if I ever won the Lottery I’d like to create a Tinder for animals with no home, to promote an adopt don’t shop attitude. I also love the idea of the sock drive. We have something similar in our own town for women’s menstrual products as they are rarely, if ever, donated.

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  3. What a lovely idea of Sockvember. My feet were so cold in bed last night and I am lucky to have a house with central heating a nice bed- I can’t imagine what it would like to be homeless and outside at night with cold feet!


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